How rare exactly is the Atlantis Rises seadragon? (10% chance)

Just an example not actual number, put emphasize on the word:

Actually, according to my data, the chance of a regular mob turn into seadragon in 13-1(H) is 2.78%… more on that below…

I have the data:

With 792 flags, 13-1(N) give 34 seadragons while 13-1(H) give 44. 44/34 = 1.29 (29% more)

On average, there are 18 mobs on 13-1

That means, in 13-1(N), the probability of a mob turn into seadragon is:
34/(18×198) = 0.95%

In 13-1(H), the probability of a mob turn into seadragon is:
44/(18×88) = 2.78%

But what is important is number of seadragons per flag:
13-1(N): 0.043
13-1(H): 0.054


It would be great if SGG would adjust the appearance/drop rates of the seadragons in our favor, given that we don’t get Atlantis coins from chests or Mystic Vision any more.

The yields right now are just pathetic.


I can confirm that:

more dragons appear in stages with more monsters
more dragons appear in hard stages
the most dragons appear in hard stages with the most monsters

and I also believe:

more coins are gained using loot tickets than playing the actual stage over and over
I think it is not like that (it has to be the same) but I rather use loot tickets, I am more lucky that way.


Super interesting and I revised my estimates taking into account levelling up and using most we per day just doing AR and mainly skipping the quests… and it comes out at 0.20 chance per we of a coin. (209 coins from approx. 1060 we.
Approx. 140 loot runs at 15-9N, some manual at 9-4N, a few 1-7H.
So almost all normal levels and very similar to your hard level drop rate so maybe I got lucky?
Of course I don’t know the sea dragon drop rate when using multiple loot tickets, 5 coins can mean 1 sea dragon at 5 coins or 2 at 2 and 3 coins…

Maybe you do got lucky in the last cycle, I read a lot of post saying many players have a hard time finding it at normal.

It is hard to estimate based on coins as you can get lucky by getting 10 coins… it is like RNG on top of RNG…

If you are using tickets, even seeing the activity logs do not help as the number of coin groups is not the number of seadragons but the number of run containing at least 1 seadragon.

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More dragons per stage in hard stages doesn’t necessarily mean more seadragons per WE b/c there is no info on the 2% and 3% example rates that you mentioned. Without exact percentages from SG’s end or a lot of data tracking from the player’s end, I don’ think any conclusions can be made.

Except SG basically confirmed the criteria, just not the breakout of what is most meaningful within it (Province, E/H, monsters).

I stopped tracking as I simply didn’t have the time to input the data.

For what I did record, though, 13-1H gave me more than 24-10H by a non-trivial amount. Maybe I will finish the rest to confirm.

The 2% and 3% is not info, that is imaginary number. And that is not Normal vs Hard, more of earlier province (hard) vs middle province (hard).

Here is the number I calculated from my data:

It is more seadragons per flag (WE) in hard stage compared to normal stage (at the same province):

I spent 792 WE for 13-1(N) and 792 WE for 13-1(H) for that number. And that is the seadragon number, not coin number. I use the increase of seadragon count in kill 100 seadragons mission so the number is accurate (unlike recent activity log where you can know how many run contain seadragon but not the number of seadragons itself).

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I haven’t done any bookkeeping on this one, but I followed the dev notes about rates improving the higher the stage and the more monsters there are, and settled on 24-10H.

I’ve done it both with loot tickets and manually, and pretty much almost averaged a dragon per run - sometimes none, sometimes two, mostly one.

If that is 1 seadragon per run that would be better than 13-1(H) which had 1 seadragon per 2 runs.

@yelnats_24 Doh! Just realised a %&/( in my calculations as I ran a few new levels, so will have received extra coins from those… so actually <0.2 chance of a coin/we. Not lucky, just ‘working’ hard! Will make a note next time to compare the lower level results

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I am seeing a rate per WE on the following levels:

13-1H .18 per WE (~4,300 WE)
24-10H (85%) & 25-1H (15%) Combined .16 per WE (~2,500)
10-4H (5%) & 10-8H (95%) Combined .15 per WE (~1,500, just last AR farming for dust)

I know on the whole its a small sample size but hope it helps.


24.10H is the worst level to farm coins as it is the level that has the less monster monsters in the whole atlantis and that costs the most energy :confused:

Don’t you mean 24-11?

It is 27-10. 1+1 wave, cost 15.
24-11 does not even exist.

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I have everything…

One of the two originally tested Seadragon versions (Beta, May 2019).
This one did not make it :-((

It would not be the worst Idea to create four of them in different colours so you immediately recognize how many coins they would eventually drop.


Thanks for sharing this great info! Definitely really useful.
I usually farm con 1-9 during AR to get backpacks, do you recommend to do it on hard mode to get more seadragons per flag?

I think the only thing to do is to boycott Atlantis…no coins in chest anymore, ridiculous drop rate in levels. Really difficult to have summons when you have finished the story. 10 flasks, only 40 coins, just give up this event…

I am not going to participate in self-destructing boycott… AR provide ways to fill materials faster.

If you want to boycott, then do not spend money on Atlantis portal.

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You had all your coins for finishing both Normal and Hard. The game has moved to Season 3 but IMHO kindly still supports S2 with this weekend of vastly improved farming loot.

You aren’t getting a lot of free pulls but lots of people still are as they play through it. So to be quite honest stop complaining. I’ll probably get enough coins from farming for a pull or 2 but I’m just building resources from the loot boost.

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