How rare exactly is the Atlantis Rises seadragon? (10% chance)

Yeah, but the 10 drops are so rare and hugely affecting the average coins in one drop.
2,3,5,10 average is 5 average and that is not OK. If it is 7 instead of 10 it’d be OK.
I think it is better to go with 4 average.
So if we go with 4 avg then you have seen some 82 Seadragons in 176 runs which gives fantastic 46,6% chance to see the Seadragon.

If we go with 3,3 avg (ignoring the 10 drop completely) then it is 56%.

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My previous data in 13-1 Hard is 52 seadragons in 108 runs. That is 48.1%.

Did you already input this data?

The number of seadragons in that data is accurate because I count it from the increase in kill seadragon mission. Too bad that mission is now completed so I can’t know the exact mumber of seadragons via loot ticket anymore.


I was farming 9.4 normal and got a fair share of seadragons and coins.
I bought today the offer, 30 tickets, spent them all and NO seadragons, no coins. Is this normal or a bug? Did anybody experienced the same? #atlantisrises

There is chance that seadragon will appear. Seems this time you werent lucky enough :slight_smile:

Either I’ve been extremely unlucky or the drop rates have been reduced. I have a WE limit of 51 and I’ve used 19 WE flasks over the last two days, plus regularly accumulated energy, farming 9-8N, 9-9N, 11-5N, 19-1N and 19-1H, and 25-1. That’s a couple of hundred levels at least and I’ve received a grand total of less than a hundred coins.

That’s worse than Ninja Tower. It’s pitiful.

Farming 3.8 today plenty of them

160 loot tickets this AR, has got me about 250 coins in total if that helps. Alternating 11.10H, 12.10H, 21.10H. I find hard levels give me more in the long run, not sure why, probably more monsters.

I got around 100 coins on around 9 flasks plus regular energy farming 2/1, seemed about normal , hope it gets better

I had only once extra coins from 1 stage and was using plenty of times tickets too🙄

I collected 230 coins using 1260 flags at 13-1 (Hard) this cycle.


Is S2:13-1H the most efficient for seadragons? I was under the impression that S2:4-3N would be since it has the most monsters.

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Yea. Technically, the seadragons are supposed to replace a “monster spot”. So the more monsters there are, the better chance seadragons will appear. So I think 4-3 has the best chance since it has 5 stages in total, and the boss stage has two monsters.

The drop rate is influence by the number of monsters and by the difficulty.

You will get much more coins per flask from 23.8 hard than 4.3 easy or hard.


Are you saying you get more Atlantis coins per seadragon on S2:23-8H? Why specifically S2:23-8H? I dont see any mention of this stage on Barry Farmz spreadsheet.

So a higher difficulty stage will lead to more coins per seadragon but more monsters per stage will lead to higher probability of seadragon spawning?

Yes exactly this was confirmed by a staff member but I can remember what was the post.

27.8H because it has more monsters than 27.9H and 27.10 as few monsters and cost 1 more energy.

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13-1 have around 19 monsters (range between 15 to 23) , how many in 4-3?

It’s possible 13-1 has more monsters per 1 play-thru than 4-3. But 4-3 uses less WE and has more monsters per WE.

According to Barry farmz, S2:4-3N is 5.83 monsters per 1WE on average during AR while S2:13-1N is 4.88 monsters per 1WE on average during AR.

But it is higher province, 4-3 might have higher monster per flag but province 13 have better seadragon probability than province 4. For example, if 4-3 have 5.83 per flag and 13-1 only have 4.75 per flag, but the chance of a monster turn into seadragon is only 2% in 4-3 and 3% in 13-1, doesn’t that mean 13-1 is better? 5.83 × 2% = 11.67% while 4.75 × 3% = 14.25%.

If we compare the hard mode:
4-3 is around 2.5 monster per flag
13-1 is around 2.11 monster per flag

There are 3 things confirmed by SG to affect the seadragon appearance:

  • Monster count
  • Province
  • Difficulty

Hard mode have of 13-1 have 33% more seadragon per flag that its normal mode.


Hi, how did you get the %s of 2 and 3% drop rate? … and higher drop rate hard mode?

This was the 1st time I encountered 2 sea dragons in a stage… and then it happened a 2nd time too!
1st time 3 coins, 2nd time 13 :smiley:

Overall gained just over 200 coins using about 950 we, so 0.22 chance per we of a sea dragon.
I was mainly running 15-9 and 9-4, both normal level.


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