How rare exactly is the Atlantis Rises seadragon? (10% chance)

I want my SEADRAGONs!!!

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Would be a pleasure to see it.

Were I tested it in beta with or without loot tickets, I got 1-2 enemy’s within 15 ticket.
The appearance of it should be the same for all levels

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Yeah, there were tons in beta. Now it is just like they do not exist.

I messaged to ask, and included 6 very specific questions in hopes of getting at least some insight.


I guess I’m lucky, 2 Hard stages only so far and already seen 1 dragon.

Loot was definitely better. I got the 5 Atlantis coins for beating the stage for the first time, and an additional 3 coins. forgot screenshots though

Moderator’s Note

I have an official response from the game developers to some questions I asked about Atlantis Rises Rare Unique Enemies.

Do they appear at the same rate in both Normal and Hard Stages?


Do they appear at the same rate in all Provinces?


Do they appear at the same rate regardless of total number of enemies in each Stage?

The odds to appear are per enemy so if a stage has more enemies the Unique Enemy is more likely to spawn.

Do they appear at the same rate regardless of the WE costs for each Stage?


Is there any significance to the number of coins received from Rare Enemies, or is it just random?

It is a random drop 2, 3, 5 or 10 coins.

Can you share any numbers about how often Rare Enemies are expected to appear?

Unfortunately I can’t disclose the exact numbers.


Does anyone know which stage on hard has the most enemies for the first 3 Providences?

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Got it on my very first run… 5 coins on stage 14-7 normal difficulty.
No luck since then.

The devs didn’t answer that question specifically, but I think the huge difference is which province you play, not whether you use loot tickets or not.

As far as I know, the only differences between playing a stage and using a loot ticket are time spent is less, and there’s no chance of losing and no chance to consume any battle items. The loot, monsters, and everything else are randomly generated in exactly the same way.


So basically - play on the highest level of hard with the most enemies to get your best shot at these.

So, what is said level :slight_smile:

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thats possible as well. I got them right now


I’m curious if the rate is strictly increasing as you progress or not.

That all leaves open the question of whether it’s better to farm the early provinces for less world energy or to farm the higher provinces for a better rate.

Personally I’m farming for backpacks, and treating the Atlantis Coins as a happy surprise.


Thats really nice
I still didnt counter any of them while playing
But got a bunch while using loot tickets i have played province 25 level one 62 times (I know that cause i started killing bosses as soon as atlantis started today) between loot tickets and playing
Guess this level is bad for farming coins

What’s the deal with rare enemys?

What benefit is there to fighting them?

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You get Atlantis Coins from the rare enemies.


Ahhhh, I did see I had earned 15 atlantis coins after one of the missions!

Which enemys are rare? And how many coints do you get?

I just fought a sea dragon but got no more coins for it so I’m guessing that isn’t one

Where are you farming for the backpacks? I am also trying to do the same :slight_smile:

I think I’m settling onto 2:1-2N as a good spot, based on the mix of Recruits, Undead Privateers (for the Mission), and Backpacks.


Oh okay. I did the 4-3N for filling the monster chest, then I settled on 1-3N for the backpacks. Probably, I will explore some of the other provinces later. :slight_smile:

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