How rare exactly is the Atlantis Rises seadragon? (10% chance)

75th time is the charm!
So far I have played 89 stages for 3 WE and got 5 rare enemies. That is 267 WE with 5!
Today I am having a Seadragon HAYDAY!
The chance now is 5,6%.
Spent 128 tickets on 8 WE normal diff. stages and got 102 coins. (6+2+2+5+3+10+10+12+12+5+12+10+3+0+10+0).
Spent 5 tickets on 10 WE hard diff. stages and got 8 coins (8).

So far it seems that you have much better chance to get the coins by using loot tickets than actually see the rare enemy in the flesh.

There is a HUGE difference between playing the stage and loot ticketing it!


Played 10 hard stages 0 new enemies ;(

Just had one on 15-9 N (3rd run). Earlier on autoplay 5-10.

8 stages so far (5 normal @3 we and 3 hard @7 we). Not seen the new enemy

Edit: 2 more hard levels (we 7) and I got my first seadragon for 2 coins.

7 on ticket and 4 played 1 coin


There it is - 3/9 hard, 5 extra coins.


You got him! Nice!!!

Oh wow! They altered the dragons :slight_smile: looks nicer now

@zephyr1 I‘m allowed to share a dragon pic from beta to give the impression how they looked before?


I got one (and gave me 5 coins) playing 25-1.
So far 8 runs, ond one seadragon.

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Unfortunately, no.

SGG normally doesn’t allow Beta screenshots even after release.

I’ll ask for clarification of whether that can be allowed.



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I messaged to ask for confirmation, I’ll let you know what I hear back.

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I heard back, they confirmed that Beta images and video aren’t allowed, even after the release of that functionality or hero.


Hi Zeph, what about to ask them what is the chance of encountering that rare seadragon? Seems to me like 3% at the moment, tops.
Well, I got 0% so far, but it’d be nice to know if I am RNG unlucky.

I’d be surprised if they’ll confirm the appearance rate for the rare enemies, but it doesn’t hurt to ask…


I want my SEADRAGONs!!!

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Would be a pleasure to see it.

Were I tested it in beta with or without loot tickets, I got 1-2 enemy’s within 15 ticket.
The appearance of it should be the same for all levels

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Yeah, there were tons in beta. Now it is just like they do not exist.

I messaged to ask, and included 6 very specific questions in hopes of getting at least some insight.


I guess I’m lucky, 2 Hard stages only so far and already seen 1 dragon.

Loot was definitely better. I got the 5 Atlantis coins for beating the stage for the first time, and an additional 3 coins. forgot screenshots though