How rare are loot tickets?

So in the 4-5 days that they have been out I’ve probably done 7 diamond chests and a dozen 6*+ titans and I’ve yet to get a single one? (Other than VIP). Why are they so rare, or is that just me?

Suggestion is to replace any (if not all of these) and add an option to buy loot tickets for 10 gems or something

Or even better scratch the whole province loot and make it have rolls for farmable and non farmable ascension items. (Kinda like a wheel of fortune). And if that means removing or nerfing VIP, I think everyone would be fine.

I have six and have used two. They came from chests and missions.
Maybe they aren’t rare or maybe I got lucky.
They are going to accumulate as the two I used didn’t do much.
Rather I can’t work out how to use them.
The one actual test gave me a different loot reward.
So i will wait until i find out how to get the best use out of them

Personally I think the loot tickets are useless. It saves a little bit of time sure but so did auto play. Basically solves a problem I didn’t have.

That said, I get one a day from VIP and have gotten a few from chests. I’ve had a max of 6 at one time.

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I think I’ve gotten one from Mystic Vision, and the rest were daily tickets for VIP. I don’t have any ascended 5* heroes right now, so I’ve been using my loot tickets to farm map levels that I can’t easily beat without items or a lucky board. In particular, province 22 and its increased chance for Midnight Root has been a favorite.

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I’m not sure. I have three of them right now. The real question that needs to be asked is: “Has anyone found a decent use for the tickets yet?”

I didn’t receive any. Platinum chests, monsters chests, titans… no loot ticket so far.

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I’m not “fine” with removing VIP, thanks. :wink:

@Otto0000 So far I’m using mine to farm higher levels that take time/items; with the tickets, I use neither.

EDIT: I know I got two outside of VIP, but I wasn’t paying attention as to which chest. It wasn’t Mystic, or Rare Wanted.


So far I’ve only gotten them from VIP and a nature chest.

I used one so far to test if they fill monster chest. Since they do, will stockpile and use during work when an annoyning meetings interferes with my farming.

I’m saving them for fire elemental chests, since last time I tried, my auto-farming of 20-4 was unreliable. Most of the time I was fine but sometimes that AI apparently had been taking stupid pills between fights…


That’s a good idea, but I think I’ll just keep collecting them to see if something interesting comes up with them or until Season 2 comes around.

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In the several days that the loot tickets have come out, I have changed my opinion on them slightly. I thought they were worse than useless because they used world energy and took up a loot slot for something I actually wanted. I have heard (and I hope it’s true) that it has its own loot roll. If so, then it’s not worse than useless. If true, then it’s slightly useful as a time saver.

I think these either need to be rare and not use world energy or be common and on their own loot roll so it’s not taking away from anything else.

I meant removing loot tickets from vip

I’ve only gotten them from VIP and an elemental chest. I would also advocate for decreasing how rare they are. They’re for convenience but if they’re too rare, you would have to hoard them up just to use it once or twice a month if you don’t have VIP.

I don’t want them removed from VIP, I want them to appear more for everyone. :slight_smile:


i want more ascension items for everyone

sg aint gonna do that tho

They have before. Oh ye of little faith. :wink:

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Unless you know something…

Just reflecting on the last year of gameplay. Ascension items have fluctuated for me throughout the available avenues:

  • Titan loot (higher tier, the better)
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare Wanted chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic Vision
  • War loot

I’ve had the best luck personally with Titan loot and Rare Quests, but Mystic Vision every so often goes into hiccup mode and coughs up the shinies. I’ve gotten ascension items from all of these.

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Continued good luck, Rookie