How prevalent is this "minion meta?"

It looks to me like unless you’re looking at Bera, there is no minion meta. Does she make the minion meta all on her own? Freya’s a good hero, but she doesn’t define the top league by herself. Krampus is a great hero, but if you take his minions away, he’s still awesome. He’s not in the meta because of his minions. (Also, he’s an extremely rare hero.) So unless you’re in the top 0.1% where everyone has everything (which I haven’t begun fighting myself), minions aren’t a big deal and there still isn’t a great need for heroes like Uraeus in most circumstances.

Am I missing something here?

Yes, because there is just a prevalence of all those heros and more who are minion makers or punishers. The last run of HOTM all do minions as their element link, as well as heros like Kvasir who are prevalent in tourneys, Telluria, Noor, etc. then you have heros like Gefjon, Gobbler, Grimble, cap of D etc who punish minions.

The meta doesn’t turn on one hero but the whole group of heros who are making them, another set to counter them, and so over the next period of time you’ll start to see minions become a very big consideration in strategy in general.


Bera is one, but costume Kad is another. All that constant dodging spits up minions a lot. Pair that with a minion maker and it’s trouble.

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I play Seshat for a long time, I use Grimble against any Minion maker, and I do my best to ascend Gefjon and Ureaus as fast as possible. I think Minions are one important factor to the game, and you should prepare for it.


Well, two years after the concept was introduced they finally created minion heroes that are meaningful. If you ask me, we should have minions with that much impact on the game already with Thoth Amon and Delilah - but back then these were just weaklings dealing some funny damage.

Too bad we almost never get balancing changes to these old heroes. It’s not minions that are meaningful, it is Bera and Freya whose minions actually do something, and their annoying mana cut at death adds to it. And I think every time we have a tank that does something meaningful at fast speed the old tanks are going to be less popular.


Well, bera and freya are broken if you ask me.

Beras poison is too strong and thats everything so far. It needs to be cut by about 50% (remember they wrecked up tellurias initial damage for the reason “is too strong for a tank at average”… i still laugh about this)

Freyas Minions are quite unbeatable except you combine defense downing heroes (kirilcostume) with skadi. And they do way too much damage when there are 2 or even 3 minions on each enemy.

Well but, there is no nerf needed if some more minion controlling heroes appear on the list.
That may be a minion"stealer" like gefjon at average speed, or something like this.

Until then… give gormekcostume 20 talentsx gobbler 20 talents, skadi, and grimble and maybe even noor a chance and see how it works out :slight_smile:



SGG has been pushing minions hard since Season 3


players strongly dislike minions for many reasons ( looking at you Titans, see notes )

Undead Hoard

Replacing Field Aid War rule with Undead Hoard War rule severely nerfs already weak Steal Healing heroes ( looking at you vampires ) without significantly buffing minion meta


In Beta, all Elf minions cloned, but Mother North, and Santa, Bosses became a long slog so that failed


If Grimble sacrificed enemy, and ally, minions for mana, Grimble would be more flexible since ally minion summoners are something a player can control


SGG made Gormek’s costume a viable version of Gobbler ( use the costume versus minions or ramming pulverizer versus titans ) but makes costumes so difficult to get for many players when a fast mana, red sniper works.

Even better, Kelile’s mini Gravemaker costume is useful again minion summoners and non minion heroes

It would be darkly funny if Wu Kong’s first Beta costume had been replaced with a 4* yellow Delilah instead of whatever we ended up getting ( watered down rabbit costume? )

3 Slots

Minions would be more popular if unlimited minion slots, but that would magnify the animation issue


Click for notes

Thoth & Titans


Delilah & Delays

(Choosing among the Holy Trio of healers - #3 by Kerridoc)


(Add Option to Disable Hero Animations During Titan Attacks and Raids, or Make the Animations Faster / Allow Continuing Attacks During Titan Attack Animations or Speed Them Up [MASTER])

Click for rant

Empires has problems with summons, and 4* ascension items, that make niche metas, game play and heroes a less than ideal investment when fast mana snipers are always a good solution

But even well designed summons ( looking at you games with shards ) and 4* ascension items ( looking at you games were summoned heroes are already max tier, max level ) can still lead to dead end metas


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I actually use minion heros on titans and what happens is the animation is vastly sped up when the minions fire there versus all other situations. It’s been a reasonable trade off for me as we get to higher titans and beefy minions providing some damage absorption.

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A lot of people are still working on last month’s Hotm. I think it’s still just a bit soon to weigh in.
And a good deal more are waiting for mats.
I am hearing reports of down-ticks in WT’s. I expect that to increase.

Raid formations will take another toll.

While anti-minion heroes are rare. For those that do have them…the exposure for dealing pain is great, and minion defenses are a welcoming sight.

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