How players find huge amount of emblems?

Hi community I need to know how players find these huge amount of emblems, what source ? I’m struggling fo emblem haha ( I attached my emblem in inventory)


The most recurring source is the trials of course, but you’ll get a decent amount from completing all the levels in the monthly events as well as the seasonal. There are occasional offers selling emblems either for gems or cash, and I just got 10 rogue emblems from placing top 1% in the last raid tournament. The dragon will give you one emblem per day, and the different chests will also provide you with small amounts. So basically you’ll get emblems through anything. It’s just recently that players have been finishing their 5*+20 (approx 1500 emblems).

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Thanks for your info . I normally finish all trial , seasonal and monthly events but don’t buy emblems from offers :slight_smile: and these r from chests and visions recently but still can’t take heroes to +8 except Richard and marjana

Me too…most is 7 on a hero…but I think most of the +20 players are farming emblemns since emblems were introduced to the game so as always let’s be patient. :slight_smile:

I find emblems as one of the most problematic areas of this game. Especially for new or relatively new players now as the seasoned players now have enough emblems to 20+ a 5* of all 10 classes. And I frankly don’t see the logic behind having to wait till the heroes are fully lvld before using them. Other copy cat games of E&P allows for early emblems with a limited number per ascension level giving you the chance to give your heroes that little extra edge to progress when you hit a wall.
And by the time you have gotten a full set of emblems the seasoned players will be beyond their 2nd round (stronger heroes, means more emblems from tournaments and events etc).
Not to mention the stupidity of emblems and costumes.

All sources I can think of:

  • Class Quests (of course). If you can complete all stages that’s 72 emblems a week already.
  • Mystic Visions. Emblem here, emblem there, it adds quickly if you watch them regularly.
  • Chests. Regular ones give 0-3 emblems, elemental 10-50 I think.
  • Rare Titans.
  • Raid Tournaments, depending on your ranking.
  • Challenge events. Completing all tiers will net you 160 emblems in total.
  • PoV, especially if you have pass.
  • VIP, an emblem a day will make Dawa go away.

I think that’s it. Last one is only if you pay though, and previous one is better with that pass.

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Outside of buying the offers, there is no magic strategy besides being active and completing as much as possible. I’ve been playing for 1 year as c2p (mostly just vip and odd atlantis gem offer) and have enough emblems to take most classes to between 7 and 9 nodes on a 5*. I’m really close (about 30 more monk emblems) to node 10 on my Joon and if I had a barbarian 5* he’d also be close to 10.

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