How planned out are these emblems?

I’ve got to admit for such a huge shift in gameplay there has seemed to be little R&D behind it. It doesn’t mean that it’s the right or wrong move but that it appears to be very pre-emptive. Perhaps this is the nature of mobile games, they must quickly and continuously evolve or the player base vacates.
I must have loaded umpteen builds in Skyrim and enjoyed Civilizations for literally 1000s of hours. Perhaps mobile gaming is fundamentally different to traditional gaming?


Discussion is fine if it’s releveant to the topics addressed in the original post

Yours are not

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My insinuation isnt the topic

You can start “Rigs hurt my feelings, doesn’t like devs, i think we should burn his house down” thread and then we can talk more about your issue and I’m sure you’ll have a ton of responses to that thread

Maybe even convince me to burn my own house down

But again insinuations and my intentions are irrelevant

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From what I saw the drops of the emblems are like atlantis coins, spreaded all over the place… and 1 / 2 / 3 emblems…

exception is I saw 30 emblems in elem chest… which I dont recall happening for atlantis coins… :thinking:


Honestly i have no complaints about the transition so far

I just want to learn more about it

Do i have to learn it all today? No. But do i hope developers have these things in mind for the future and we learn more about these things either through gameplay or direct answers? Yes.


I saw 50 in a elemental chest

Actually brings me to another question

Will we see them in the atlantis ascension item chests? Hmm

wow… 50 is 10% for a 4* full talent grid…

i hope they wont let us discover this by making endless topic about emblems drops as there are for mv, elem chest, etc…


A question would be: The emblems are added to the old rewards or are replacing a part of the old rewards?


Here’s an answer to 1 question already


:confused: bummer p2w 1 p2p 0. but as long as is 1 per month its ok…

Honestly, I really hope that SG does not sell and buy blue emblems in stores or promos. if SG still does that, I’m sure this game will commit suicide for itself and that means SG is now more in the direction of making money than keeping players and games

Eh it’s 350 gems and not cash which means some f2p that dont want to do summons, have something else productive to spend gems on. Which i actually suggested in the past and some f2p did like the idea since they don’t like grinding for gems for months just to throw them away on a gamble


We will see how it goes

Any questions you’ve thought of Ichi?

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about this I also disagree in fact 50 emblems I feel are too much and too easy for top players to maximize their hero talent. Today, I have found one of the top players who opened their hero talent

ahhhh … I just talked about it already
Realy dont like this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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We all have the same chances at elemental chest loot

I really don’t want this to be another rant thread or f2p vs p2w debate

Tryin all i can to keep it that way

But even my friends aren’t helping things at this point(Ichi, I’m lookin at u) lol

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yeahh … I’ve rarely got elemental chest right now :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Is the class emblem pack offer from beta? I haven’t seen that in the store yet.

It hit my line pm box and is different than the offer that i saw from beta

Plus we all get different offers at different times just like the energy drink packs or fast lane packs

This would be a further incentive to compete, I just hope that they would be even on completion with a lower appearance on higher tiers: FTP friendly.

If they are included on the basic shop then they would be 200% included on special offers, like for every single item in this game. The chances to have special emblem’s offers is almost certain.

To me they’ll follow the war’s days.

Nah, they want you to level up (lv 30 for the last quest’s tier) and to use your energy: they want you to use world flasks!

I hope not.

Good question. it could be problematic to blindly attack heroes and then see that the Boss Wolf you are attacking is already at 40% mana after a match 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I think/hope that the older aspects of the game will not change.


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