How planned out are these emblems?

hahahaha … no I’m not talking about c2p, f2p, p2w, c2w

Just confirmed with sender that the image is from current game and not beta

Once again drops are replaced by items in chests with other things. Meaning less normal drops that we also need to craft items…

Sorry I cannot add to the discussion as I am in the same dark spot as you are and know as less (or much) as you know. But I do share your concern about how well thought about this is.
It feels to me a way to keep players busy for around another year (same as Season 2 being opened up in parts) just to make sure players are going to hang around.


I saw a post by @Kerridoc somewhere else saying it would be an extra slot…
It was a player complaining that a rare titan gave no emblems …

Edit: don’t know how to link the post, but took a screenshot.





Hmmm thanks!


There’s some question that i think too must be answered right away, especially what concern monthly events rewards and class quests schedule.

Then there’s something i can answer, like how you see a class upgrade on a defence hero (on the card you clearly see a bar and a number which show you how much is class upgraded)

Third, there’s something that i can speculate, which is world energy. As this is something that affect all the people equally, i don’t think they planning to do something about it.
You want more? Buy it.

Finally, there’s something that most likely they never answered and we have to discover by ourself waiting, such emblems drops and emblems purchase.

When you see a raid defense, you can check troops and upgraded stats before the match starts by clicking on the question mark on the right (slightly above the hero on the far right of their defense).

Yes I have received emblems from a reward chest and yes i agree all the advanced players have a right to ask these questions because they were here before me and seen things I haven’t

@Rigs just wondering were you also in the beta test or trying to get people that were In the beta test input on this topic

Close mouths don’t get fed you have to a least ask the question then the other party can’t deny or avoid the fallout if any occurs



I think they replaced Atlantis coins in my elemental chest?
Given that they haven’t been replacing crafting/ascension items in ele chests, I doubt they will appear in atlantis chests.


use this on the selected post :wink:

edit: already got help. 2xhelp then :smile:

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20 …


I’m not in beta. Applied over a year ago

But yes i agree

True I’m just wondering if it will show preconfigured stats before the match(which troops don’t although i have requested they do) or if we have to click/hover during the match to see the upgraded stats like we do troops

Talented heroes in a raid defense show with a little number in a diamond above the ascension chevrons. See

Last night I got a monster chest with 2 gems, 3 emblems and 1 Atlantis coin, so I’m sure that the emblems are a new slot. They appear to drop 0-3 emblems per chest.


I’m betting “yes” as part of the new Raid Challenge system, which seems to be very flexible in filters. I seriously doubt that we will see such restrictions in monthly Challenge events, but i do expect that all event mobs will be Talented. In beta in the Winter event, Rudolph (Fighter class) kept resurrecting himself. Very annoying when MN was on standby with a heal.


Bad news realy bad news for newbie :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ok it does show upgraded stats

This her normal maxed card

And her maxed “class” card is:


Not really, they just have to think about keeping a stack of Axe/Arrows for the coup de grace.

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