How planned out are these emblems?

Just how much thought and planning have devs put into this new class feature and the emblems that come with it?

Will we see the emblems in event rewards including completion?

Will we see the emblems in the shop as easily purchasable as resources, battle items, etc? Or will they be stand alone specials like the fast lane pack or the energy drink pack? Will they be random draws from the elemental ascension packs? Or only available in special offers like the Army pack?

Which days of the week will the quests fall on? Same 2 days every week or is there a rotation? Is there a schedule for which class quest appears when or is it random? Do they have a chance at falling on the same days as rare quests and events?

Any plans on increasing maxed W/E to make up for the additional W/E cost it will take to complete these quests?(especially during seasonal quests, events, etc)

Will we see rare “class” titans like we see rare elemental titans?

How will class heros appear in raid defense screens? Will we see a hero’s upgraded stats or will we have to look during the match like we do with troops?

Will we see class restrictions in monthly events and raid events like we see *, troop, and item restrictions?

I’m sure there’s dozens of more questions that I’ve yet to see devs even begin to address.

So far details have been left out in vague responses and explanations

Hopefully these questions have been taken into consideration already by devs. Probably should have prepared a better write up before rushing this release and just saying “10 classes, quests 2 days a week, best of luck”


Really don’t mean to be flippant here but the answer to all of these is “I guess we will find out if we wait and see”. We don’t have any God-given right to immediately know all the details, anyway it would be less fun that way - a bit like knowing in advance all of your Christmas presents as a kid. Perhaps just keep playing it and enjoy discovering the new feature for yourself.


Last time i checked a large # of us are paying to play this game.

If a bill company adds features or charges to my service, i like details.

Simply sayin “leave it to chance so it can blow up later and we have bigger issues” is probably not the best logic to use in this game. Too many times we’ve played the “wait and see” game only to have a huge mess later.

Q&A now will at least give us an idea of what we’re continuing to buy into and may give devs a heads up of some possible issues and bumps in the road they haven’t thought of yet

Remember when wars were coming out and players failed to question too much about the mechanics and matchmaking? You saw how that played out

13/14* titans, same scenario

Rare titans, same thing

Anytime the player base fails to question or raise flags to issues before they’re issues, it creates headaches for both devs and players

Let’s not play the “wait and get screwed” game again

Just lay the cards on the table


I see that SG released this feature with the main reason the keep the game alive and interesting.
They know that it will be some time until the feature will be fully used; and thus gives them time to correct problems, nerf/buff tallents, etc.

For sure there will be at least 1-2 months until we will see a decent implementation of the tallents; I expect updates to come back to back the next period… But its better this way than the ‘war breakoutage’ that happened last year.

so… work in progress… work step by step… rewards balancing as game goes on…

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It’s a game. They aren’t a bill company. You are choosing to pay out of free will.

To be honest it looks like a cool new feature. What I’m reading on many posts is a ton of moaning. Which is not cool :frowning:


well moaning should be accepted by SG…

whats a game for you and free to pay… for SG means bussines, and you as a f2p are a way to increase their income; you disagree? you are making this game popular just by playing it which attracts more players who are willing to spend money for fun.

so overall… this aint so “They aren’t a bill company”. they are releasing a product on the market, and mark my words, they expect money for it; otherwise we would play other games.

so SG needs to be more “info to the player/client” attitude than “You are choosing to pay out of free will” as quoting you.


I fully agree with you.

I’m really tired of people complaining about their “rights”.

This is a game that is FREE to play, each one of us decides how much they want to pay to speed up their progresses (more heroes, more emblems, more everything, …). If anyone feels that they are not getting what they think they are paying for, they have two options: stop spending money and playing with what they have or stop playing altogether.

Last time I checked, nobody had a gun on their head to force them to pay for anything.


They surely have to take their clients in consideration.
The sign they are misbehaving is that people will stop spending or leavng the game. Complaining just for the sake of complaining is really annoying to me.

Those who have fun and want to improve something that they think is broken, should send constructive suggestions to SG (not just a generic “I want more because I want it”).

Should SG ignore all the feedback, they will surely cause their fall. On the other hand we can’ t expect that we get whatever we ask. It’s simply unreasonable.

The measure is “how much fun you get from the game / how much you pay”. . Players with this ratio > 1 will stay, players with a value < 1 will surely leave.

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Ok this isn’t a f2p vs p2w discussion thread

If you and @HappyHippo don’t have anything to offer to the original post, move on. This is a thread with questions about the new features. If you don’t have answers or more questions then you’re off topic and wasting the time of yourself and all involved

Thank you


Okay so I have a habit of meddling but for the record I am FTP and agree with @HappyHippo and @Rael that you can choose to pay and no one is forcing you. Also agree that you can stop at any time if you are not happy.

However, putting myself in the shoes of P2P or P2W, after all the prior investment in the game made by many players, SG should, out of goodwill if not nothing more, at least flesh out the class details more so that people like @Rigs and co know whether to put their money (and most importantly TIME) into the class system moving forward.

Clarity helps both players and developer: the players are happy and know what they are getting themselves into and they will happily pay money - meanwhile the devs have a clear direction that will assist them with developing the idea further. The devs also get “pretty much guaranteed cash” if they set the system right and listen to the feedback of their loyal base.

It’s a two way symbiotic relationship.


More questions

Can we please not start down the f2p vs p2w rabbit hole

Not what this thread is about. And the intent of my questions isn’t a question. My intent is to gain knowledge about a game i spend a lot of time playing and have for over 15 months now. Money is irrelevant to the original discussion.

@Kerridoc help me out here?


You will get answers to all of these in one weeks tops.

And there is sure to be some balancing emblem rates in the next month or two.

Have some patience, there is absolutely no need to have all these answers right now, it won’t change a single decision you make in the game for the next week or so.

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Where in the OP does it say i want answers right now?

The thread stays open for 30 days even with no responses

If you guys hopped in this thread just to derail it or talk out the side of your head, start a different thread for “we dont need answers now”, or “players dont deserve answers to questions”

Neither of tthose things is the subject of this thread. And i know this because i made the thread


But I mean, we will get all these answers really fast even without any answers from the developers… just by playing the game.

Will we see the emblems in event rewards including completion?

I already got a Barbarian emblem today from the Wanted Hero mission. If I got one from there, I guess we can (should? :laughing:) get more during events, which costs more time and resources than missions.

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Then the questions can be answered by players as they play the game or when developers find time to answer them

:roll_eyes: do you have more questions to add or do you already have answers to the questions asked?

If not, move along

If only i had a mod hat for 1 day…

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Thank you at least that’s relevant to one of the questions. Not answer or question. But better than previous responses so far.


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Lol. Move along. Amusing.

If you’re that keen answers rather than a discussion, why not open a support ticket or email SG, rather than post on a public discussion forum?

Anyway, moving along because bored now.


This was rather to address your insinuation in the OP that the developers did a bad job. Your questions are all very good if they didn’t come with a “the devs suuucckkk for not telling us everything” final sentence. It becomes tedious to constantly see people have aggressive attitudes towards those who make this wonderful game. Especially when it’s totally uncalled for.


Ok, I’ll move on! :slight_smile:


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