How often you get elemental chests?

How often?
I wish it comes more often than now. I am satisfied with the rewards I received so far.

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It was max 3-4 per month, now they nerf at best 2-3.


hello you’re lucky I have one every two months :astonished::astonished::astonished::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
why others get a lot and others not a lot???
it’s not fair it’s completely unbalanced…

I skip my wanted chest 3-4 times a day, so invest quite gems for that.

Nothing is free buddy.

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My current avarage is one every 10 days. That’s with very little skipping. My gf has avarage of one in 14 days, with no skipping AFAIK.

Edit: but loot is abysmal compared to OP’s. Total of 8 golden tokens in 12 chests.

Haven’t had one in about a month and I’ve been skipping quite a bit lately. Usually only the last hour or 3, though.

With no skipping and very active gaming I got one this month.

I wish I had your drops though :smiley:

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I see a rare chest about every 2 weeks. I usually clear 3 regular chests a day, assuming that is what matters most.

I have two accounts, in one of them I got one after 20 normal, in another I’ve been waiting 42.

Actually, using random for prizes is fine, using random for everything is a bit absurd.

If you want a rare mission to go out every week, you program it that way, if you want a rare chest of thirty, you program it that way.

Not everything has to depend on luck in this game.


My last 4 have been 8-12 days apart.
About 24-38 chests between each. Seems in line with what others are seeing.

P.S. that first chest you posted with the mystic rings isn’t an elemental chest.

Ah I remember when my chests used to look like that…Now I’m lucky to get anything that remotely resembles these…But yes, skipping your daily allowance will bring those chests in a little quicker…

My last elemental chest came 5 days after previous one with almost maximum skipping and to my delight. :star_struck:

Got 2 farmable ascension mats to my dismay. :expressionless:

I’ve only got 3 total in like 4 to 5 months and skip all the time if I have energy to battle I skip the wait right away, it’s very annoying!

for 6 weeks I had one box for a week ( only thursday) , now i Have one box 2-3 weeks ;-(