How often will Class quests appear? Will class tokens be purchasable?

Just figured I’d get this thread started early lol

Maybe we’ll have some answers before the majority of us get the update



So, that’s what’s going on in the next update?! Omg.

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Idk how often class quests will appear but there’ll be an option to buy tokens for gems through the shop. :slight_smile:

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Yea kinda thought that would happen lol

I started to see “This player is playing a different version” message.

So, every image from the new stuff is much appreciated from the lucky fellows :wink:

:feeling anxious: :face_with_monocle:

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Hmmm through gems in the Shop…is this Not Like you could buy acension items from the Shop ?


Lol yea they might as well add those to the shop now at this point.

The “random loot through gameplay to progress your heros” rule has lost it’s purpose

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Yay that means all the whales can have super guins by the end of the weekend…


900+ defense last i saw

Goodie…will make my decision to quit this game once and for all easier


I’m goin to wait and see how it plays out before jumpin the gun

Plus still got a team to have fun with

We’ll see how it goes.


this “smells” like zynga disaster…

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We don’t know it yet, and consequently we don’t know how much time we need to full class upgrade a single hero, it all depends of quantity of random drops (titans, chests and so on…)

Actually, even if this quests spawn everyday we have a really long grind ahead of us.
I mean it, very long.

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If tokens were to be put into the shop they could at least let them purchasable on a limited stock (as for event’s gems) to not throw the power levels into a mess from the first day.


Always the optimist, keep givin us hope Elpis, but I’m a bit of a realist

Devs have done all they can to take players from start to end game as quick as possible with money

-fast track purchases with mutliple w/e flasks + trainers + loot tickers
-purchasable guaranteed ascension mats available more often

These tokens will be another step in that direction, they’ll start slow at first then every few months we’ll see them become available for purchase more and more

Just like we’ve seen with the items i mentioned above

And many low level players are thinkin “that’s great, it’ll give me a chance to catch up”

No cause what you’re buying, advanced players are buying as well. It won’t change the gap between advanced and newer players. It will change the gap between p2w veterans, and low cost veterans.

Anyways not on a soap box and not even upset or mad about it. Just making reference points to come back to for some “i told you so” messages later down the road

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That’s really possible.
In beta the first thing i thought (and said) after saw that offers was to say immediately that is too early for already skipping trough money (at least for other things they waited a bit before allowing that) and even if i know that probably asking for that is impossible, make them an extremely rare occurrence.

No comment on that, so we will see.


If the game becomes p2w aka p2"upgrade your heroes veryVERYvery fast" then this will 99.99% mean at least 50% drop on players.


just trying to be dramatical :smile:

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I think if they wanted to make them purchasable, they should put them in the “guaranteed at least 2 of these items” packs like they’ve done with mats

At least then it’s expensive to buy your way through progress