How often does the leaderboard update?

I’ve made it cup-wise to #38 (2657) based on looking at the current leaderboard but my stats shown beneath the leaderboard tell me I’m #68 (and has stayed there despite my gaining in cups since the first time it showed me 68th) and I’m showing on the leaderboard at #95.

I wanted to grab a screenshot before I plummet back to where I belong :smiley:

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Nevermind. I quit and restarted the game and everything was updated.


Did you get your screenshot?

Yes but by the time I’d figured it out I’d dropped to 45. Still, good enough.

I just came back from lunch and was down to #2072. I lost 180 cups from 4 attacks :smiley:


haha feel you. I dropped two flasks last night to mess around with some new team combos and pushed up to 7th. Was able to stay in the top 10 for a whole minute before I got bumped. lol . I was down 400 cups this morning haha


That sounds familiar :grin:
Maybe I should really stop offering german beer to my visitors :beer: :grin:

Ha! Thanks. I was looking up the same thing… restart and everything works again.

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