How often do you use +def heroes?

I’ve been playing for about three months, now. As C2P, I don’t have a great number of 4* heroes available to me and I’ve had to rely on my 2* and 3* heroes for a lot. In pushing through Season 1 and Season 2 content, I discovered that I relied heavily on Mr Sassy Pants to keep my squad alive… and more recently I picked up Kailani who’s Spirit Link has seriously improved my titan hits by granting my piddly 3* heroes a much improved survivability. …she’ll definitely be my first hero to receive talents as a result.

So, with this established… I’ve noticed that Wilbur is the only hero who gives the same kind of +def buff as a 4* or 5* hero. Spirit Link just doesn’t exist outside of the 3* duo…

Khagan gives +def to 3 people, Magni gives +def to all, Kiril only gives +30%…

Viv gives it to everyone, but is also Slow mana.

Basically, once you move past Kailani and Gunnar, you don’t get any big defensive buffs outside of a very select handful of fairly rare heroes (Wilbur, Magni, Vivica).

  1. How important is it to have a +def hero on your team?
  2. Do you consider their presence mandatory?
  3. Do you consider them mandatory for all game modes?

I’m just amazed at how much I relied on Olaf to keep my titan squads alive (3* heroes versus 8* titans), and now that I have Kailani, my hits have become even more powerful. They’ve made such a difference so far that I’m thinking that it may be worth keeping Kailani in the mix until I have a +def upgrade.

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I didn’t get Kailani for a long time, but did get Gunnar early on.

I made use of Gunnar on 7-8* titans for a long time. Now I use Wilbur.

I made use of Gunnar on hard PVE stages, quests, and challenge events. Now I use Wilbur and Proteus.

I rarely made use of Gunnar on Raids. I sometimes use Wilbur when raiding, but only when stacking red for a green tank, or sometimes for a yellow tank with a green flank. (Proteus, on the other hand, comes along on all of them.)

I have Vivica, but she’s not well-leveled yet. When she is, I expect to use her often. Likely she’ll replace Rigard as my default healer. But Wilbur will bur on ebury titan. (Did that terrible joke work at all?)

From my experience, spirit link is incredibly powerful — even from a 3* like Gunnar or Kailani. When Wilbur was released, I knew he’d be hugely helpful, so I was thrilled when I finally got him after a few Atlantis cycles. His +def buff is hugely useful too, but the spirit link is the true lifesaver.

So I’d absolutely keep Kailani in the mix on titans and other challenging spots where heroes get one-shotted.

That’s effectively what I did.


I use Kirril mostly, the 30% buff isn’t too big but it’s also a 30% atk buff and 32% health recovery he provides. I don’t necessarily use him for durability purposes, I use him to counter the many titans, bosses and raid enemies that have skills which lower atk and def. Being able to overwrite those debuffs, and heal too, makes him one of the most versatile 4*s

If we’re talking Silver arena climbs, I got by that part of my quest using Gunnar + Brienne + Hawkmoon in my offense team. Spirit Link + Berserker Rage is absolutely nuts, each hit will increase atk and that was plain stupid… Obviously not worth using those heroes now because they’re too frail, but I think there’s a reason Khiona’s berserker buff only lasts 2 turns and doesn’t spread to everyone, everyone already knows how powerful that could be.

BTW I wouldn’t use your emblems on your 3* heroes unless you’re planning to chase the leaderboard for quests or you’re planning to use gems / emblems to reset their talent grids and get them back. Save them for your 4s and 5s imo.


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