How Often Are New Heroes Introduced?

How often are new heroes put into the game? I’ve seen some teams that have a hero with the spirit arrow but when is she available? There’s not “one time only” heroes besides the hero of the month, is there?

There is a new Hero of the Month every month. Other than that, it depends. They are testing new event heroes in Beta, we don’t know when they will be released. Season 3 is likely a ways off as well.

I’m guessing “spirit arrow” refers to Alasie’s special skill? If so, Alasie is a hero of the month. The only way to get her now is if she is featured in Atlantis.

There are limited time heroes available in the four yearly seasonal events. Then there are event heroes in the 5 events that rotate every month(second Thursday of the month is when they appear). Atlantis Heroes are available during Atlantis, which is the fourth Thursday of every month and lasts 3 days.


Seems like alaise would be a good hero to have but I guess that’s unfortunate. It’s hard to get five star Atlantis summons too. I’m more lucky getting five start season 1 heroes

Also, can you summon heroes you haven’t even defeated yet?

You can summon any hero available in the summon portal where you’re summoning at the moment.

You can only get HOTM with elemental summoning or epic summoning or event summoning. Chances to get that hero are low… :smiley:

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Yes. You can get any hero that is available. The odds are posted so you can see what they are before you commit to summoning.

I seem to be very lucky with HOTM. I summoned four times getting ten heroes each time and got seshat three times. Was going for vivica and finally got her when I scrounged up some gems that took forever to earn. About fell out of my seat lol

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And also Atlantis summons

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