How must i interpret troop strength? And how to use tactical

If i look at my Mystic mages 18 troops i see

Attack +22%
Defense +15%
Healing +17%
and mana +11%

How must i read that? What am i to multiply or add to get the figures good? Does it matter which hero does get the healing? Mana + 11%. Nice to know where do i find the manageneration from a hero… That this mana means a fast hero becomes superfast i know. But how to interpret the other figures. Someone who can tell how it must be interpreted? In easy language?

I see my 18 Ravager warriors (blue) have exact the same specs…

My exalted war constructs (yellow 13) have

Attack +16%
Defense + 20%
Health +6%
Critical + 10%

Difference between 2 troops seem to be the last 2, as i see it. So either health and critical or healing and mana.

If my hero has 800 defense will 20% then add 160 defense so hero will be 960?

Please explain or show where i can find explanation in understandable dummy language?

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As i look at specific heroes…

Does healing only work for healers and if healing is 40% with 10% healing will the healing be 44%?
Does crit only work for (fi) Greg?

How can i use it right to put the right troops with the right hero?
If my hunch for healing works then it could be better to give a healer just healing to make this part better…and it could be better to put 13 troops to my defense healer instead of the 20 troops that only give extra health?

I believe
the increase goes the the heroe, boosting his stats.
The healing make whatever healing received more effective.
Have fun.

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