How much roster space do you have?


20 Charactersssssssssssss

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2 years level 104? Nice!

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So true! I can’t count the number of times I wish I had hung on to a hero that I had used to level another hero—and the one I fed was better than the one I kept lol! All part and parcel of playing E&P.

I love the game and community; something like this won’t ruin it for me, ya know?!:partying_face::heart_eyes:


November 19 level 74


248 unique 5* heros
54 are maxed & emblemed (and I still suck in war)
5 are lb
Most of the remaing are at 3/70
Some are and will remain @1/1(looking at you salmon loki)
Pretty sure I have all the 3&4* with only three of those being duplicates but fully leveled dupes (tree, franz & dawn)

And on a personal note: thank you for not judging.


Level 94
4 years
473 slots
85 maxed 5*
101 maxed 4*
107 maxed 3*
5x rainbow mana troops maxed
1x ninja troop maxed
4x ninja troops level 22

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Pretty big roster and number of 5* considering only having 54 maxed.
I have roughly the same roster space 629 (but I’m also lvl107) with 142 maxed 5* and I too still suck at wars.



I have a problem committing…lol…

Atm, I am:

  • At Lvl. 78
  • With a total cap at 230 heroes
  • Skipping the last SE, 11 feeders for it or HA10 (12 assuming the next HA10 isn’t a new hero like the one last week; I got Frosth)
  • Including 1 Master Trainer, 20 Trainers rest at the bottom of my roster for future dumps on my projects!
  • Played for about 4 or 5 years now:
    ** 42 Legendary heroes
    ** 56 Epic Heroes (not including duplicates that I’m not feeding away until the game makes them easier to get again WITHOUT paying money)
    ** 75 Rare Heroes

The game mostly keeps giving me new trainers via Trials or very lucky (or unlucky) rewards from Mystic Vision and Wanted Missions. Free space for feeders tend to vary, though I’ve only once managed to get it up to 11 before I either got new additions, duplicates of Epic or Legendary heroes, or the trainers.

It’s one of the few fun parts of the game, though I do wish the game didn’t stop giving me +5 space every other level-up. And it looks weird when it’s like +1 or +2. Like an uncomplete row.

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You play in a top 10 alliance, that is another level of „ sucking at war“ :smile:

Happy gaming

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I’m C2P ($5 for VIP) ($10 for a Valor pass}.

Ive been playing for 2 weeks.
I have…

2 4star heroes
6 3star heroes
45 1 or 2 stars for feeding


Can’t believe I didn’t see this thread when you posted it. Mine is 572 and I only have maybe 10 free spots left. I horde my 5* dupes as well but to be honest, I pull so much there’s no need to even keep dupes of my unlevelled 5s. Especially the ones I never plan to level. I’m going to feed a bunch away and just save 20 or so at a time for SE.

Maybe I’m jaded but there is no one from SE I’ve needed or would ever level. I mean if they’re in SE, they’re past their prime. Doesn’t mean they are worthless, but the way you pull, I can guarantee you almost always have someone better on deck in every element. So why even save for SE? I guess just I’m case there’s something good, but I don’t see any hero being worth the materials being in your position.

As for stopping pulling, man I have felt the same way but I don’t see it happening for myself personally. It’s because heroes are outdated so fast. It makes most sense for me to be super selective about my pulls. Which I hate to do, I liked pulling in every portal prior to this flood of portals. But it’s just not like that anymore. Which is why I’ve been considering just pulling back altogether but that’s easier said than done. Cheers!


From a collector point of view, SE and Fated Summons are great for getting heroes you don’t have, and probably will never pull for.

Fated Summons gave me 3 of the 4 Season 3 heroes I did not have, as an example.

But I am having trouble with my rooster again now. After I calculated I had 60 dupes I could easily let go of and another 30 I could grudgingly let go of I have eaten about 20 of them. And then came these two new portals with 3s and 4s that I collect…


And there’s another brand new batch of heroes coming next week.

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I only have 694 roster spots with 14 open for feeding….hoarding heroes is apparently my thing…lol


I was the same when I started out. Felt the need to open up spaces and had a “Great Purge of 2019”. Tossed out quite a bit of heroes to open up space. Nearly tossed Frida thinking I’ll get her again, until I did not see her in any of the Epic or Elemental portals. That’s when I discovered what a Hero of the Month truly was. I thought those were just featured heroes. Didn’t know they were limited editions. Live and learn.

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Your not alone by any means…I was feeling good with some room to move after the last SE …but since this latest portals arrival with the new bard heros … I’m once again strapped for space…and sitting stagnant on the progression train…

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True, but mostly 5*'s with very limited chance of pulling, so probably not gonna cause a problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But will do a couple pulls in Covenant, as I don’t have 5 of the 6 featured heroes :crossed_fingers:

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I try to tell my self that I don’t need more heroes. I need more 4* mats.
My favorite offer (after rooster space) is the 1000 gems and a 4* mat that shows up in seasonal events.
I feel that’s worth it.
I don’t want to ascend a 5* hero to last level before I have 12 of a type of 4* mats, so if something truly amazing comes along I can ascend at once. Just went through a set, so need to wait some now…


You’ve made very valid points! I guess SE is good for the collector in me that is super happy to fill the gaps of heroes I always wanted in the past and never pulled (e.g. LoLo, Ludwig, Director Zuri) but you are totally right because they are all sitting at 3/70 because I have better/new heroes to ascend. That being said, I do see them getting ascended one day when my pulls slow as they are heroes that will always be somewhat relevant and Zuri is still the best yellow healer I have (other than Rhys). I definitely need to pull back so that’s my 2023 goals :sweat_smile: