How much money did Telluria bring SG? How many Tellurias out there?

Just a little math, please correct me and bring more accurate data.

Let’s say there are 2 million active players. (1.5 million july 2019, stated in this forum)
Presume one in ten got Telluria (it was the most chased HOTM after Kingston, I think). The percent of Tellurias should be significant, to presumably affect game balance and generate drastic measures of nerfing it from Zynga. In our mid tier alliance the percent is higher, so I think overall is about 10%.At 10%, that means 200k Tellurias.
Let’s say getting Telluria costs 23000 gems, equivalent of 100 euro (some are free gems, event coins, Atlantis coins, hero tokens). Took into account a 1.3% summon rate and the current shopping cost of gems.

Revenue: 200000 Tellurias * 100 euro/Telluria = 20 000 000 euro

Doesn’t seem far from reality, given that Zynga payed for the first quarter of 2020 some $122milions to Small Giant..

Here are some public data:

  • oct 2019 lifetime revenue Small Giant $500 mil, 41 milion downloads
  • Zynga revenue Q1 2020 is $401 milions, Small Giant a big contributor
    " Gerard GriffinChief Financial Officer

Thank you, Frank. We had a strong start to 2020, delivering our best Q1 revenue and bookings in Zynga history. Strength across our live services delivered a better-than-expected top line and resulting operating leverage. While we are operating in unprecedented times, based on our anticipated performance for the first half of the year, we are raising our full-year outlook for revenue and bookings. But first, let’s discuss Q1 results.

Revenue was $404 million, comprised of bookings of $425 million, offset by a net increase in deferred revenue of $21 million. Revenue was $19 million ahead of our guidance, driven by a $25 million bookings beat, offset partially by a $6 million higher-than-expected increase in deferred revenue. Our top line beat was driven by broad-based strength across our live services, especially a record quarter for Empires & Puzzles and our Social Slots portfolio, as well as a great start to the year for Merge Dragons!. Stronger user pay performance was the primary source of our top line beat with advertising largely in line with our expectations.

Revenue was up $138 million or 52% year-over-year, driven by bookings growth of $65 million or 18% year-over-year and a $73 million lower increase in deferred revenue. Our year-over-year bookings growth was driven by our mobile live services, including Empires & Puzzles and Merge Dragons! and a full quarter contribution from Game of Thrones Slots Casino and Merge Magic!.

The net increase in deferred revenue of $21 million was driven primarily by bookings from Empires & Puzzles and Merge Magic!."

Side Thought: Well now, how much of earnings brought by Telluria do you think to be profit? How do you feel a company making that sum of money (by drawing a card) should behave to its customers?

QUESTION for you: aproximately how many Tellurias in your alliance? LEt’s have some data.


All i can say is that im glad they nerfed her but im sad about vela


How many Telluras in your alliance?

We have 27 Teluria BOUGHT in our alliance. We even collected money for 2 players in order to give them an other try to get her, and they did actually.

I think all players had approximately 150 pulls now do the math…


WHat level the aliance? TOp 100, top 500?

Im not gonna lie, i bought gems for a 10 pull for tell, didn’t get her but it was the first time i did such a stupid move, im not necessarily happy about her being nerfed but at the same time i would be furious about it, however i do own vela and im pissed at the ■■■■■■ treatment she is getting


I was thinking this a few hours ago after reading about nerfing her… Im glad you put this in mathematical format.

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Nerf is a disgrace. He is not honest with anyone who spent money on that hero. Now there is a doubt: in the future SG will create strong heroes to push the players to spend a lot, and then nerf them? …


He must be nerfed LOL

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Any input on the numbers? I haven’t got access to any stats

A lot i bet? Many people were going after her

I’d place a HOTM’s price higher than that. a 100 Euro is a good estimate for getting any 5* from summons with rough 3% chance.
HOTM is 1.3% and with millions of pulls I am pretty sure it averages out to that. so on average one Telly comes in 100/1.3 pulls with lets say 2700 gem cost per 10 pull and at 1 Euro per 100 gems that comes out to about 200Euro for a HOTM.
how many of them are out there is anyone’s guess, but there are a lot!

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Its a great move to hold together and I have to respond here. Really good.

And as I wont spam in the big spam thread where its full of complaints. The nerf is totally okay as long as she still is the best green tank.

It tends to be okay, personally I would have kept the regeneration as it is.

Please when you are doing math, reconsidee this:

How much money would it cost to get Tellu and Vela?
A game needs to be fair enough that players that start today have a real chance to be a top player in 1 or 2 years.
Make yourself comfortable. Getting tellu and vela in atlantis is like impossible to calculate, its just unfair.

And after they were in atlantis its impossible to get them in the new summon portal.

just make more heroes to counter tellu
Nooo… they all would have fast/very fast mana, kill effects like grazul, ban minions or healing, and and and and…
It would be a total slap in your face, as those “new” heroes would be completely op compared to normal s1 s2 and s3 heroes.
Everybody would scream in anger that their 2500 $ account and all of their heroes (example aegir kunchen) are nothing more than a grave for 6 expensive ascension materials :wink:

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In real life if your company makes a mistake, the reaction distinguishes good companies (those you would pay again) from bad ones (you would try avoid in future).

Your argument is good, but in this case they should either nerf other top old HOTM heroes like Drake Fong, Frida, Zilain. Or they should nerf Tella by say 15% (not 50% as proposed). Or they should COMPENSATE.


I did take into account that some of the pulls are with EHT, free gems, coins from Atlantis and events

I dont think those make even a slight dent in pulls made with purchased gems. my FTP alt gets about 700 gems per month - 2 pulls. atlantis, costumes, EHT, events - several more. probably barely even a 10 pull in the whole month.
unless they hoarded thousands of free gems and coins.

I have Tell and to be honest am glad of the nerf. In diamond league all you face is an army of Tells and the game has become boring


but i do agree there should be some compensation

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I don’t think 10% of the player base is so much into the game as to pay 100 euro for a hero. I think the portion of such heavy payers is much lower.
Regardless, even if we assume 0.5% of the players payed in average 100 euro for it, we still get according to your calculation to a nice sum of 1,000,000 euro.

Regarding your question, I am the only one in my alliance with Telluria. I got her by mere luck without paying at all.

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When I say that the cost of Telluria is 100 euro, take into account that for 1 Telluria gained there are aprox 99 summons that didnt’t get her. Summons that cost gems.

And if only 0,5% of the players got Telluria, I don’t see why she should be a game wrecking problem. No, 0,5% looks like a percent for Guin or Gravemaker. I think Telluria ownership is much higher. In top alliances goes probably to over 50%, medium alliances 15% or 20%


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