How much longer will E&P last?

hey guys,
everything is in the title…
I’d like to get your opinion as to when E&P could end.
We just started a new season, so I guess we have at least 12 more months ahead of us.
But what next ? How many more seasons do you think there could be?
I also heard that SG had a new project in the works (puzzle combat?), do you think that they’ll stop E&P when the new game will be live ?
The reason I’m asking is that I’m currently considering doing major improvements to my troops. I may or may not go ahead, depending on the estimated return on investment…


SGG has responded that they have separate staff working on puzzle combat and empires and puzzles. Puzzle combat is o my in a soft launch as of right now.

Regarding how much longer e&p will last, I don’t think anyone can give you an answer. However I’m sure some may have opinions based on what the see and think this can be discussed.

However, I would note that unless SHG responds here (which I doubt), all in here is speculative.


If you still enjoy the game go ahead with the improvement on your troops .
We have Empires for at least a couple of years.
Or more nobody knows .
However if Devs still receive a good amount of money from the game they wont let It die easily (Hearthstone example or WoW example)

Its more about how much do you think that you will stand enjoying the game . I droped Hearthstone two years ago without regrets


ok thanks
it’s the first time I really enjoy (and invest in) a mobile game, so I really don’t know what their typical lifespan could be


They long enough to enjoy and get bored of the game.
Its more probable that you drop the game before it will shuted down.

If devs see that the game is not being redituable they could sell it to another company or abandon the game in pos of another project they have , but there are games that have 10 years or more around (Hearthstone , Candy Crush etc) so its probably that this game follows the same path of longevity


Anybody’s guess is as good as mine but here’s my take. The E&p fanbase is full of a lot of players that enjoy the game and friends they’ve made here but who have put up with a lot of frustration because of RNG (both from pulling 4* mats and summons) and some recently failed features (Alchemy Lab I’m looking directly at you). The upcoming Hero Academy should give you a better idea of the games health once it is released. The potential of HA has been dangled in front of players for a long time now and most have high expectations for it. Players have been patient but I think another overwhelmingly disappointing launch like we saw with AL could be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back.

That’s not my personal stance since I appreciate the improvements the game has been making but I think that’s how a lot of other players might react. So I think it’s important that they do a good job with HA and I’m optimistic that they wil.


Tim did address that in the AMA last year:


Something that cards games use to do in order to keep the meta game fresh and costumers buying is doing a base of classic heroes and the rest being rotative.
For example S1 heroes being the backbone and then you would have S2 rotating with S3 and following new season heroes.

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In my experience, the fanbase is broad in terms of the age of players and there appear to be a significant number of mature players (ok not @kayo or @nevarmaor or @voidstrike or @Noble_Weasel or @Olmor, but you know, adults)

Anyway, what I mean is, older players are perhaps less worried about chasing fads or graphics so may increase the longevity of the game.

But I’m just guessing :man_shrugging:t3:


Thank you for acknowledging my youthful exuberant charm. I really appreciate it.

Games are entertainment, as long as this is around, I’ll probably be entertained. When it’s gone I move on to the next medium to satisfy my gaming/leisure fix.

I say just enjoy the ride and as the old man @anc1ent1 would say: laissez les bon temps rouler


6 years. I hope that helps!


Like a cheap wine I sour and turn vinegary with age.


As long as they don’t sell the game to Gree we should be fine for a handful of years.

if you go look at Zynga’s latest quarterly earnings report (found on the investors relation section of their website) you will see that e&p is their top grossing game, booking $102.66m in the last 3 months of 2019- and that’s not even counting their ad revenue which isn’t broken out… although we could probably figure it out.

This game is going to be around for a very long time. Candy Crush, which has grossed over $2b annually for several years now has been out on mobile since 2012 with no signs of slowing (means it’s about 8 years old on mobile). E&P is only 3ish years old.

I think it is safe to say that it is early days for e&p. Very early days. Nothing short of loot box regulations would stop this came from going on another decade+.


This game can also be easily played while ignoring the loot boxes, so losing them would not be a major hurdle really, other than affecting the bottom line. I’m sure they have alternatives in mind if required.


shut down loot boxes and this game (plus almost the entirety of Zynga’s non-casual games) good as dead.

Spend depth (the ability for players to spend 10k, 100k+ dollars each) is what enables these games to generate so much $$ even when only 2-4% of users are paying users.

For mobile rpgs, where cosmetics and consumable boosters arent a meaningful revenue generation source, loot boxes are everything. If you could just straight up by Panther for $1, than Guv wouldnt have spent over $600 on Panther. At scale you’re talking about the difference between a viable business and a non-viable business.

Even just changing the odds from 1% to 5% would have a massive impact on their revenue.

Yes! Always older, but never more mature, it seems! Reminds me of another online game that I had a short-lived obsession with years ago. One morning before work, I got into a conversation with some rando while watching my little avatar mine some kind of resource, the other player asks, “So, what time do you get on the bus?” I felt kinda stupid being like, “I don’t go to school. I already have a master’s degree, and a job, and a wife.” (No kids at the time.) So I’m kinda glad to see the ahem, more seasoned player base in E & P, just to know that I’m not the only one.

Same. I never did much beyond spades or chess or crosswords, but then I kept seeing this ad for E & P and thought the game play kind of looked neat, so one day I was bored and decided to give is a shot. Never thought the I’d become daily player - logging in noneofyabusiness times a day - for over a year and a half. I won’t let myself start spending money on a collection of pixels, because it would be too easy to overdo it, and I know eventually I’ll have nothing to show for it, but SGG’s model that lets F2P get in on some of the fun of special heroes and such is really great. Kudos to the devs for creating - and for the most part, maintaining - that balance.


Depends. This game seems to generate good revenues so far so unless they royally screw up, it should last long.

The lifespan of mobile games and web browser games is wildly varying and also depends on who has the license. Mafia Wars (web browser Zynga game) lasted for 8 years or so. Marvel:Avengers Alliance lasted 4 years (also web browser), while Marvel: Avengers Alliance II (mobile game) only a single year. All was caused by falling interest in these games and decreased revenues. They had different style of game play however not based on RNG and cards. Card games like EP seem to last longer because it is not so easy to get everything. Also, no Mafia Wars or MAA had good incentive and easy way to watch pubs, while here it’s just a matter of clicking on your tower and can potentially net great rewards, and as of lately POV encourages this as well.

I think SG has it covered.


I’m sure it will be around as long as people are willing to continue to drop significant money.

For me it has just about “jumped the shark”. I have been playing for almost 3 years now and spent a ton of cash. But the last year I realized it wasnt worth it and stopped spending by about 95 percent. As such I havent gotten many of the season 2 heroes or HOTMs in the last year and no season 3.

I am starting to see though that unfortunately my existing hero bench isn’t gonna be able to keep up. May be able to stick around for a while with emblems helping up my power but it’s only a matter of time, if all the new heroes are gonna be similar to Telluria then my days are numbered. Looked at my raids over the past few days, many against the likes of telluria and ursula tanks and I have gone 20 wins to 31 losses…and this is with a team of 4300 or so powered season 1, some hotms, and some early event heroes.

I think this is a sign of things to come for me, especially as now they are continuing to roll out prior heros like GM, JF, Ursula and many others. Any diamond level raid of a top 1000 team seems to have one, two or all of the newer, better heros, and many with maxed Tellurias already, so my older team doesnt seem to stand much of a chance.

Not complaining here but just my opinion of the state of the game. Although I do have one complaint in regards to the whole costume chamber, if you are trying to improve some of the earlier heros then why make it so hard to get a costume for anything but a 3 star. Way to expensive for anyone who is still utilizing those heros tom waste money on a 2 percent chance or whatever it is to try and make one of your 5 stars only slightly better.


We can only hope. :slight_smile:

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