How much is recommended to build?

How much is recommended to build a farm in general throughout the base?

The simple answer is build everything that the game allows you to build and level those buildings as often as you can; along with training heroes and crafting equipment.

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Depends on what your priorities are.
If you’re going for TC20 as fast as possible:

  • Iron storages should be no more than two levels lower than your stronghold so you have the space for the iron you need for the builder.
  • Houses need a minimum of 100 recruits, though not much more by the time you reach TC20. It’s useful to have more, but not necessary.
  • Food storage needs to have about a million capacity minimum for research.
  • Farms and mines should be leveled as much as possible - it’s hard to end up with too much food or iron early on.

As a general note, the food and iron rewards from the hero chest seems to depend on the food and iron storage, so the more you level those, the more you’ll get from raid chests.

Also note you need only have one forge leveled. The rest are close to useless except for one which needs to be leveled to 5 then converted into a barracks for troop levelling later on.


@Paulon has the truth of it. The TL;DR is build when you need to.

  • build a SH level
  • upgrade farms and mines
  • upgrade iron storage to support the next SH build
  • upgrade one training camp
  • repeat

Training camps are very important, too. There are only a few commonly used levels, though: 1, 2, 4, 11, 13, 19 and 20. Get all TCs to 4, then leave two at that level while you bring up the third to match SH level. When get to SH11, bring all TC to 11. Two of those TC will stay at 11 permanently. The third rises to 20 alongside your SH. At 20, you get a fourth TC. Level that up to 11 if you have enough good heroes and need more feeders, or to 20 if good heroes are scarce for you.

Upgrade food storage only as needed to do research. You’ll eventually need 1,313,000 stored food to research TC20.

There are two schools of thought about the Watchtower. Some like to keep it at a low level to be a less attractive raid target. Others like it high to get more hams and iron and to attract more raids, dropping cups to make the hero wanted task easier.


K-doc, I think the watchtower does not lose resources to raids the way it did before the “cup dropping nerf”.

That would make a good thread, eh.

So, I advise pushing the tower as it becomes a better source than separate farm/mine.

Also, raising one training camp to tc12 helps store more ham per recruit. It is slightly less efficient producing feeder heroes, but the ability to store more ham per recruit can be crucial at higher levels.


Later in the game, I raised all TC to TC20, enabling me to have a variety of heroes baking at all times. I’d rather be able to bake what I want when I want, then be limited to the level of my TC’s. :wink:

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I encourage all our newer players to build all their iron storage to 18. It doesn’t matter in the long run if you build a bit at a time (oops, not enough grrr, build more, still not enough grrrr), or build all to 18 first, as far as the end results. The ONLY difference is the level of frustration. Build all the iron storage first and then just enjoy pushing upgrade again as soon as a level is finished.

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First, build every building as soon as you can. The question is when to upgrade them and how much. My build strategy is based on priorities. (My stronghold is at 19 as I write)

Priority 1: stronghold 20 so I can do TC20: Maximum production capacity to get there

  • Max mines (I’m letting them sit at 18 for my final push…
  • Max farms (until I started having food surpluses; currently sitting at 16)
  • Max watchtower with my food storage capacity (17 now); after v1.12, you get to keep your WT production mostly even when you are raided; it is worth it now for sure.
  • Iron storage at the minimum for current stronghold upgrade
  • Food storage at minimum for needed research
  • Houses sufficient to hold the recruits I get farming all my flags or needed for my TCs; 72+ for TC 13, 102+ for TC20
  • Upgrade TCs like @Kerridoc said (I paused my upgrades for a bit between 13 and 19, but will have one at 19 before I start my stronghold 20 upgrade.

Priority 2: forge upgrades to support crafting as needed for your gameplay.

  • one forge to level 5 to hold barracks (my barracks is lagging badly; feeder troops are building up…but I still don’t have 4* troops to upgrade in purple and blue…
  • I upgraded one to 16 so I could craft dragon attacks (and bombs) to do challenge events.
  • kinda nice to have a second forge mid level, 8 (axes) or 10 (mana potions) so I can make small stuff when my main forge is out of commission for a day or two during upgrades and research.

When I’ve got my TCs at 20/19~20/11/11 I will get back to finishing things like taking mines, farms and my watchtower to 20, forge to 19 or 20, barracks upgrades, and last storage upgrades…


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