How much is a Teltoc summon?

Is it 300 gems or 350? I do not remember at the moment.

300, 2600 for 10x summon


Only Atlantis costs extra. Regular summons/events are 300 gems or 2600 for 10 pull.


Thanks to you both for the replies. I am hoping I can get 34 remaining gems for at least one summon.

Then I hope you get an Elemental Chest soon, a Nature one, obviously.


Is there a 30 pull and if yes how many gems?

There is not. A 30 pull is only an option for Atlantis.


I hope you pull jackal

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I think I’ll be doing a 10 pull as soon as it’s up. Want me some G. Action. Haha.

@Halifax I hope so because my main profile has not had the best luck with pulls outside Atlantis and vanilla summons. Would be awesome to get G. Kong, G. Jackal, or G. Panther.

I was gunning for Panther and Jackal as I have no guardian heroes yet. For a 10x pull, it gave me Falcon. The rest are dupes 4 stars and 3 stars classic heroes. No HOTM. I am happy and sad at the same time. Uhhhmmmm. I think I am more sad than happy.

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Falcon is a great hero in a red stack.

I got Panther and Jackal on consecutive 10x pulls.


I only had enough for one pull, got another Berden. :pensive:

While I agree that Falcon is a good hero on a red stack, but I already have BT/Albe - Mitsuko - Ares - Azlar - Wilbur in my red team. And its super strong already. Maybe he has a place on my 2nd red team: 2nd BT - G.Falcon - Sir Lance - Colen - 2nd Wilbur.

Id move Azlar to B team. He’s slow. Falcon makes my A team. Until he can speed up his act, the Lion King remains on the junior varsity team

Or if you’re attached to Azlar and his monster hit, I’d move either Ares or Wilbur off the A team - neither hits the enemy and I try to only have one non-hitter per A team.

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Yeah. I will make experiments after I max Falcon.

Here is my A team. I experiment w Santa replacing Ares - But w santa being slow he only does well on decent boards - and when I get decent red boards, any red stack will do well. Replacing BT w Anzogh (and his modest strike all) has improved my win rate by 20-25 percent.

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Pulled a bunch to keep me busy for a while…jackal, falcon, lianna, miki, bt, and wu. Now I can’t decide whether to start leveling Wu or Miki. Our alliance is still very young so titan hits are not a big priority for now.

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@Gra Tbh, do G. Jackal first as he is really good in a mono holy team against dark titans. Not to mention his skill is very fast and has a debuff to holy damage.

Holy solo mono for now, as my holy bench does not yet exist :joy: I am actually considering him first. So many decisions in E&P!

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