How much iron space is needed for stronghold 20


Thinking about leveling storages to max before strong hold


Well 18 is 1.5m so I’d venture level 20 is around 2m.


1,969,000. you need all five of your iron storages at lvl 18.


Jesus Christ will take a while


Welcome to the slog!


Yep! I’ve been faithfully leveling only iron storage for over a month! Finally started lvl 19->20 SH last night. In a week I get to level somethign new for the first time in AGES!


level 10 barracks cost 2,06m so even more storage is needed later. But going to take a while before anyone does over level 25 troops :slight_smile:


Going to take a while but I grinded my way and so should you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: