How much have you spent?

How much money are you spending on E&P? I’ve spent $100 and have two 5*, four 4*, and a bunch of 3*.


In the 8 months i been playing about 300 t0 400 i only have 2 5 star and 5 4 star and 3 stars

In the 4 months 500$. I have 7 5* and all 4*.

I have almost 2 months I think, but I have spent 0,00$ so far.


4 months, $35, no 5*, seven 4*, too many 3* to keep :grin:


To be honest I’d feel sad to hang 5*ers around without being able to Ascend them… By the time I get some legendary from my training camps I will definitely have ascension materials, even if it will take awhile ;]


Almost 4 months, spend 0, no 5*, 9 4*. I trained 5 of them. :grinning:


Started playing ~beginning of august. Spent about $110 US, give or take a bit. I bought the $5 starter bundle, the $20 epic pack offered when you first start, did one 1x10 pull during the pirate event, one Holy 1x10 (Got 5 Li Xiu from that, kept 3, ate 2 training one up, was hoping for Mushashi) and the rest on specific elemental summons.

Current lineup of 4’s and 5’s is

5 star: only Richard Tier 2 lvl 60, waiting on ascension materials

4 stars that have been leveled at all: Chao, tiburtus, Boldtusk, Melendor all sitting at Tier 3 level 60 waiting for final ascension materials (those 4 plus Richard is my primary team). Grimm is Tier 3 level 22, Colen Tier 2 level 47, Li Xiu Tier 2 lvl 25, Cyprian Tier 2 lvl 13, Little John tier 2 lvl 8

4 stars that are unleveled: Kiril, Rigard, Boril, Skittleskull, Kelile, Boomer (pirate, bad purple), 2x Li Xiu, 2nd Melendor.

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4 months playing, $20, I have 1 5* and 8 4* (and had two additional duplicate 4* I recycled into others).

3 or so months, $30 gem pack (with an iTunes GC I won, so technically I haven’t spent any of MY money yet, lol), 2 5* maxed level 70, 3 4* maxed level 60 and a ton of maxed 3* that I farmed. I still have a ton of gems from that purchase too (>2,000) that I am saving for a 10x elemental roll.

Wish I did the initial offers BUT I had no idea I would like the game so much :slight_smile: Those deals are so much better than the outright gem buys.

Wow you did really well!

Wow you guys have done great!!! Hope that my luck changes soon!

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Keep the 3* heroes (and some 2* troops for each) if you intend to play the Beginner level of next month’s special event. :wink:

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I’ve been playing since beginning of summer or so and spent $0 so far. Only because I’m ridiculously patient! :grin:

I have only Richard thus far as a 5*
7 different 4*, with only two of them maxxed

Just started to rebuild stable of 3* heroes

I’ve notice ascension loot coming more easily of late, which is kinda nice.

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$85 over around 3 months and I finally have a decent 4 star team I’m happy with, but just Ares for 5 star. I’m decently happy with the return, although considering that all of those gems went to the epic hero summons I really expected to get another 5 star. I would kill for another $20 special for 3k gems. That seems very fair to me and it feels bad spending money on any deal less than that.

So far I’ve spent 400… Got Liana Joon Justice Richard…three Ares two Musashi lots of 4* but in 40 epic troop summons only one 4* troop…

i so id asked for a way to get ascension items directly. just got a new offer - $19.99 for 2,000 gems, epic hero token, epic troop token, 2 summon tokens, 1 tome of tactics, 1 orb, 1 warm cape, dragon bone, and some misc battle items. i’ll post a pic later from my laptop.

got wu kong w epic hero token.

There is only one answer for this. Too much.


I have spent about 400 over the last 3 months, and here is my current line up.


I spent £45 - the starter special for £5 and 2x £20 mixed specials with Gems and summon tokens.

I have 6x 4* (all stuck on maxed level 3 ascension) and no 5*… and just (today) got the ascension item I need to max one of my 4*. Close on another (1 ascension item to go) but need 2 or 3 for the rest.

I refuse to spend more money on the game (even though the latest offer actually has an ascension item I need) because I feel the economy is too mean. I feel money spent is largely money wasted on what is little more than gambles that don’t pay off.

It’s a sucky economic model and will not spend again on games that are similar. Any spend on a game from now will need to be for a definite return on the spend… not for a (reasonably low) chance of maybe getting something for the spend.

About the only time it’s worth spending is near the start where you are more likely to get uplift on your stable of heroes. If you 're going to spend with a more mature team then you need to be prepared to blow a lot to get reasonable uplift.


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