How much have you spent each year?

So, I have gone through my Google play history and worked out how much money I have spent on the game. I played a year having spent nothing at all in 2018 when I first started out. 2019 was moderate to low spending. 2020 however was different story. I spent a fortune (by my standards) and I’m trying to figure out why. Was it because of boredom of lockdown? Or is it because of the way SG are now marketing the offers? Or is it because of the enormous power creep of heroes? Either way I have to slow it down, I feel like I have a gambling problem. So here are my spendings. 2018/19 244 GBP 2020 1103 GBP 2021 202 GBP (so far) are any of you having the same problem? Feelings of guilt and embarrassment? I can afford it but I do question how I am going so horribly wrong. Strip me off and make me do the walk of shame I say!


And with your spending habits on the game, how many maxed 5* hero do you have? Maxed troops? Remember the #NoSpend movement?

It’s “magic” of gatcha games with microtransactions - spending each time less money but very often. 1103 GBP it’s a cost of XBOX Series X (PS5) + 10 triple A full games


Yeah I do, the irony was it was about the time I started spending more. I have plenty of decent heroes but let’s face it, they will be eclipsed towards the end of season 4. It’s easy to spend a few quid here, a few there and not even notice but when looking through the payment history it was just insane. I just wanted to know if others were struggling with the same issues and the reasoning behind it

There are a lot of players which quit this game for same reason. This game can affect on prone to addicted people because it’s just a gambling

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The strange thing is I don’t get the buzz when I pull a 5 star least not for long. What gives me the buzz is the anticipation of doing so. Whether they are good or bad pulls is inconsequential. I found being part of an alliance hard because of pull envy, there is nothing worse than parading successes and I think it even encourages more money spending in the top alliances.Iwant to be able to understand the psychology behind it and the damage it may well be doing


GiveEmHel,. Unless you have serious financial problems, I wouldn’t worry. During lockdown most people spent more on activities like this one - this doesn’t mean you have a gambling problem. I am spending 100 pounds every month and have been doing so since I joined 2 years ago (maybe less in the first 3 months.


GiveEmHell, nothing strange about that either. excitement is always highest in the anticipation phase.

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How much have I spent each year?

Simple answer:

Too much!

But the only ones I have “feel-bads” about are the stinkin’ Tavern buys. Ugh.

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ArchDevil, hmm, the numbers of players is constantly rising. E&P is the bestseller for Zynga. E&P has more than 2 million reviews. So for everyone leaving, 10 people join. All as it should be.

every cent is too much is right

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I’ve thought of this very situation before and yes I’ve noticed myself spending more. Not certain how much but It’s more than purchasing a game for a console, pc or Mac.

I put it up too enjoying the game and Covid, but that’s not enough.

About $2500/yr here. 33 maxed 5’s…nothing to write home about. We have had to adjust our menu at home though…Top Ramen.


I have to say that I spent more money than I expected in this game when I took a look at the total amount of purchases, but the money I wasted came from the tips I get at work, so not worried so much. Regrets? Maybe, but money won’t come back. Besides, I don’t have another hobby but travelling, and that’s impossible at the moment.


I think in total since October 2019 when I started I’m still just under or around 300$ witch is less then a $ a day by a decent amount, I’d suggest if you’re noticing any addictive behavior towards the game then disable purchase options because it’s not gonna get any better until you rage quit if you keep spending and have remorse about it. Stay happy stay within your budgets :heart:

Apologies @Ultra , I’m not singling you out, just using this sentence as a counterpoint.

This, imo, is at the heart of what’s wrong with the game. @GiveEmHel doesn’t have anything to show for his money. No heroes, no troops, no AM. All that’s happened is SG now have more copies of their own product being held on their servers.

Players own nothing within the game, you are paying SG small fortunes to be allowed to use that product.


I guess we are paying for the experience. Is the game more enjoyable and more competitive with a larger/stronger roster? Probably. Is it worth the huge costs, doubtful. I just can’t seem to put on my sensible hat when it comes to buying offers, I’d question paying £20 for a tshirt but a 29.99 20 pull… Bring it on! Its crazy, my wife just gives me that look at the end of each month and the guilt sets in


Very optimistic))))) 80 millions downloads, only 2 millions active users (twinks included), less than 5% of players completed 1st season. All reviews are obsolete, most of last reviews has 1-2 stars :slight_smile: This game got very good base 3 years ago and live only thereby


Can someone point me to links the actual number of players currently playing this game, as well as SG’s or Zynga’s annual earning on this game? Or all I am reading on this thread mere speculations? Thank you.

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Yup, sir, you have a gambling problem.

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