How much emblem before a 4* is equal to 5*?

I’ve heard of how an emblemed 4* heroes will have a stat of a 5* without emblem.

Exactly how long / how much do I need to put or what talent grid is usually the moment where the 4* heroes is equal to 5*?

I am putting emphasis / emblem on a few heroes now… notably -

Rigard +6
Grimm +7
Caedmon +7
Boldtusk +6
Proteus +6

I’m bringing my Rigard and Proteus to most event and alliance war hence I need them to be as strong / durable as a normal fully leveled 5*. What I am curious is usually at what tier are they THAT STRONG / DURABLE?

Or do I really need to bring all these heroes to +20 before I enjoy the strength, power or durability of a normal fully leveled 5*?

Pretty much lvl 20…


They never truly reach the base strength of a 5*

If you crunch the numbers they always lack behind base levels of 5s in at least 1 stat area, sometimes more than 1.

Which is what prevents me from investing long term decisions into such temporary heroes

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I noticed at least for Rigard… the last two tier (+19 and +20) mostly only covers stuff like Healing or Critical Bonus.

Maybe the last ascension if we are aiming for increased stats to bring them to 5* is +18 ?

But would be better if I can get this lowered… then I will be able to spend the remaining emblem to other heroes from the same category.

If this is really the case then it is truly a shame. Looks like all the heroes I have invested in will be reset once I have a fully leveled 5*.

I have been putting focus on 4* with emblem after reading a thread / topic somewhere in this forum about how it is better to emblem 4* rather than 5* (at least from his point of view… forgot who is it though… is it gryphonknight?)

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If you’re cheap to play or fairly lacking in 5* depth then 4s can be decent temporaty investments since by the time you have a maxed 5 to take his/her emblems, then you’ll most likely have a reset token to not lose emblems

But for people with 5 to 6 war teams of maxed 5*. Embleming 4* isn’t really worth it in my opinion.

But for others the beefed 4s can help them punch above their levels in different areas

Have a f2p teammate who’s hitting 14s and keeping up with damage minimums and even heavily exceeding them at times thanks to emblemed 4s and battle items

Others have emblemed a hero like wilbur since they dont have mats to max miki or tarlak or one of their elemental debuffers, so emblems on wilbur to make him more survivable and in turn making their 3/70 heroes more durable has been a good investment for them in the temporary but in the long run when they start bringing 5 maxed 5* per titan color then wilbur will most likely be reset. But by this time the emblems and mats they will have recieved from titans and rare titans and whatever else they use him for will prove a good return on the investment

Just depends what stage you’re at in the game

And yes it was probably @Gryphonknight

He has done a lot of math on embleming different star rarities. But i dont think any of that math has pointed to 4s being long term 5s

Depends on who you use and what you use them for. For my titan heroes, falcon and jackal, I gave them class 18 cause I need their survivability in higher titans. And this is proteus and hel comparison

Prot health stats is noticeably lower. But still has a health stat of a few unemblemed 5s

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One thing to take into account though - fully emblemed 4* has their talent fully active, while fully leveled 5* without emblems does not. Also there are statistics not shown on card such as crit rate. So technically fully emblemed 4* is about the power of 5*. Other thing is whether the talent is good for given hero - Rigard’s is extremely valuable, but Proteus’ is situational.