How much do you spend on Atlantis pulls and what have you gotten?

I’m C2P and may have the worst luck on Atlantis pulls. Bought several of the cheap Atlantis deals for the past months and have only gotten Sumitomo, 2 Triton and 5 Agwe. No Atlantis 5’s nor excellent Atlantis 4’s. That’s 7 months. They should lessen season 1 pull rates there.

Using the tokens available from the levels I have gato, Mnesseus, namahage, Melia, Gadeirus, Ameona, Agwe and Proteus.

Proteus and Melia are the standouts at their own levels but interested to see if Gadeirus is useful too.

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Spent no money.

Have the 3* red and green. Just got the 4* ghost chick.

That’s it! Sorry I can’t think of the names nor how to spell them this am

Spent 200 coins
And got Mr.Boobs
And Mr. Teets

Dunno who to work on first … so confusing. :joy:


30 pulls by gems and 7 by coins.
Collected free gems and bought some offers including mats. All in all 100 bucks every two month… Cheaper than smoking. :wink:

Results: Aeron, Proteus, Elkanen, many 3* plus 4* feeders (4* dupes of less interesting heroes) and Frida from a bonus draw.

Im f2p so i didnt spent any money, but i have been collecting gems over time and lots of coins.
1400 gems for 4 pulls and got me only Sonya which i already had.
500 coins for 5 pulls got me nothing, only 3*. So one regular 4* and 8 3* which was bad; like always I didnt expect none of those 5* heroes, but at least i wanted some of those 4* Atlantis heroes like Proteus or Wilbur, because i have none.

spent C2p, only atlantis offer + 360 gems saved.

get frida, sartana, danza, and old three stars. not bad, lucky with the HotM and sartana


2 x 100 atlantic coins - 3* heroes
about 10 x gem pulls - 3* heroes, 1 4*heroe but not atlantic

“Fun” Fact: 4 x Mnesseus and 3 x Gil-Ra…

Pure crap!

arfgh…3 gill ra…the worst 3* atlantis hero…don’t understand this hero…average would be ok…but slow…

I usually buy the offers.

I have gotten most of the 3* and 4* but no 5* to date. The closest was Natalya when she was offered as a previous HOTM.

bought some offers, used gems and coins and did 23 pulls.

got no HotM or 5 stars :frowning:

x4 Ameonna, x4 Namaahage, x2 Gadeirus, x1 Triton, x1 Sumitomo and the rest were feeder rubbish !!


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How do you know that?

By message?
‘You were that close to pull Natalya, but got just your 10th Friar Bug?’



I did 3x30 pulls off of saved gem offers.

2x Aeron
2x Quintus
2x Frida

Lots of 3/4s


I meant the as far as a 5* atlantis. I guess I could have worded it different.

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I’ve done a 10 pull in Jan and 1 in feb/March, unfortunately I’ve not received any of the really good 4* Wilbur proteus and Triton, but have pulled
Agwe gaderius bt kiril rigard 4*
And dom misandra 5*
so overall I’m going with I’ve been lucky… Although Wilbur and proteus were my targets when I decided to pull

i’ve been saving up for about 2 months and had a total of 63 pulls … not a single 5*

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I’m sure @Garanwyn will show up soon and tell you the odds of that happening :).

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Too much, and absolutely nothing.

Alt account:

30 draw + 4 coin draws.

Results: Wilbur and 3rd Proteus

Everybody needs a hobby :slightly_smiling_face:

The Atlantis gate is the best place to find a 5*. I have an alliance mate who got 11 in 120 pulls chasing Ariel. Which is riduculous.

Anyway, at 3.8% probability of pulling a 5* on a single pull, 63 pulls gives you about a 91% chance of getting a 5*.

That’s somewhere around the probability of there being a police officer there when you decide to push a yellow light. But not quite as high as the chances of somebody complaining about the new beta rebalancings :sunglasses:


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