How much do YOU play Empires & Puzzles daily?

I play about 6 hours a day on average. Far too much but I’m addicted…:stuck_out_tongue:


Love your pizza!


I play much more than I should, but hey I’ve got nothing else to do and can’t find another game besides Sudoku :weary:


Je joue entre 2 et 4 heure par jour

I play between 2 and 4 hours a day

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I guess I usually spend around 3 hours in total on this game daily.

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Where do you see your play time?

I used to play 10 to 12 hrs sadly currently suspended and i wanna die lol

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Same here if I not playing I’m thinking about this game! its crazy I know.


Too much :innocent: I think I land around 2 hours, since my Flags run out!

But as many point out, it´s also pocket play. Hah, I love that term - would you believe it took me a month to notice the Auto Play button :laughing:

I aim to fill two Monster Chests a day, one Hero Chest, and use all War/Titan/Raid/World Energy Flags. Still learning how to optimize it all, to make it fit with when Path of Valor resets too.

Took me about the same time to figure out the auto play button too. It was so cool though couldn’t believe I was actually playing for about 1 month straight. Took me time to figure out that I could skip animations when levelling and summoning as well.


According to my phone, my last week average for Empires was 1h 49m! I do auto play energy flags as well.

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I’m not crying and I ripped off nobody, who do you think you are, giving your ■■■ to SG doesn’t pay off

Ignoring the above side discussions (wow, look at me, actually wanting to stay on topic for once!):

Depends on the day and what is going on that day. On a normal average quiet day with nothing interesting going on, I will log in, hit the titan, level up my heroes, fill my monster chest, maybe do some raids if I’m in the mood, blah blah blah, normal stuff… if there aren’t any quests or such I consider worth doing, I’m in and out again in less than an hour. Maybe I’ll log in again later to hit the titan some more and do a second monster chest or to finish a quest that I started earlier.

War days on the other hand… those can take up quite a bit of my time. Obviously not all for my own attacks, my own 6 flags are usually gone within 15 minutes or so total. But coordinating hits with other members can easily occupy several hours of my time.

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On l estime, il n y a pas de chronomètre

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Too much :slight_smile:

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This is so real

More than I should since I became an alliance leader. To be honest sometimes it feels like a second job than just a game you play for fun on your phone.

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About 2-3h, with a peak of around 4hours during wars, concentrated mostly in the morning and in the evening. Recently time increased as I became an alliance leader and given the lockdown.

I rarely waste energy and usually use both tickets and auto-run.

As the number of events/quests is increasing the amount of time I spent playing is going up accordingly. Considering my workload and my family time I think I have to reduce the time in game.

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I autofarm while I work, but most of my actuve gameplay is at night when my kids are asleep.

I don’t let the game interfere with my life as much anymore.
Max about 90 min daily.

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