How much did Vela nerfed?

I’m interesting in how much Vela extra damage against fire was reduced can someone answer me tnx

It was reduced from 70% extra vs reds to 30% extra.

Her -attack to reds was changed from -54% to -34%.


Tnx i wasn’t been sure only for extra damage

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Idk if this is a good place to post this but I’ve been on the forum for 1/2 hr trying to find the latest Vela discussion.
So, here goes… I’m interested to know, since Vela’s change, has anyone else noticed she’s become a quick kill? Idk what happened that changed that part but wherever I use her (usually tank position) she’s either first to get attacked or first/second at best, to be killed :woman_facepalming:t2: Anyone else having this issue?

Do you mean you use her as the central hero on offence or defence?

@JonahTheBard sorry, that should’ve read “flank” position & gone with offense. It just seems now that changes were made she dies quicker

Yes she does die quicker but there are many factors

Telluria provides less Hot and minions are less bulky so when they fired from now compared to before they provide less damage and defence and HP replacement on other heroes are less

If vela is facing fire heroes with reduction of attack down they are able to provide greater punishment than before


I roll with Vela+13 every day in raids, and she seems fine to me. I love hearing that wave wash over the enemy team and watch their health tick downwards. :slight_smile: And still significant against reds, too. No big deal to me, still going strong!

Good gaming!

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Against Telly tanks, I always bring my mono green in Albe (for safety net), Eve (for dispel and elemental defense down), Lianna (for sniping) and 2 Hansels (for mana control), the latter 4 heroes charge their mana quick with three simple 3-tile matches and I exploit the boards at the onset whenever there are vertical green tiles heading directly either to Vela or Finley (even at +20) and they die quick with a simple 3-tile matches all going their way, unless Telluria has fired her skill providing a minion shield to each hero before the three simple 3-tile matches are completed. Eliminating either or both of them early makes the defenders at a very disadvantageous position.

My Vela is only +7 atm since I ran out of food but that could be another factor. Glad she’s working well for you. Happy gaming :slightly_smiling_face:

@JackREACHER Thank you for input. I realize there’s other factors & I’m thinking one of those is my Vela is +7 & not finished. Perhaps I’ll see improvement once I get her further into the talent grid? What confuses me, for example, is going against, let’s say a rainbow team, if I use Vela in a raid she seems to not only die faster but she’s also the first one to be hit, regardless of position!
That said, since we pick our own teams to go against in raiding perhaps it also has something to do with how the algorithm is for the opponent? Just a couple of variable thoughts.

@Ultra thank you. So if I’m interpreting your statement correctly, Are you saying you take 3 nature hero’s into a fight against Vela? If so, are you suggesting 3 fire hero’s to protect Vela? My thought is if I have 3 fire, Vela & a healer (3/1/1) she may work better but using her on offense means I choose the team I want to raid so I’m not sure that would work. Which brings me back to Vela dying to quickly :woman_facepalming:t2:

No, not against Vela, against a Telluria tank with Vela flank.

She helps me to hold at least 2400 cups

I mean, shes good enough to be in most of defenses teams.
If she reduces less attack from reds they will hit harder than before (the impression of die quicker now) but she works fine for me winning me some raids in my watchtower and being as good as before facing heavy red teams)

What I was saying is that, when I raid, I definitely look for enemy teams (yes, rerolling. I don’t care much of the food as it always there) with tons of trophies to offer if I win. I very rarely do revenge attacks unless it has over 40 cups. And more often than not, those that would give you over 40 cups have the Gravemaker-Telluria-Vela defensive core, with wing heroes of either or both Drake Fong, Killhare, Finley, Seshat, etc. I attack Telly-tanked team using monogreen in Alberich, Evelyn, Lianna, and 2 Hansels. I use green since it deals neutral attack against Telly but is strong against the Velas and Finleys supporting Telluria. I always strive making 3 simple green matches of at least 3 tiles/turn. If successfully done, either I kill Telly due to the tiles, or to the Evelyn-Lianna combo while my 2 Hansels are there for mana control where the Witch Killer skill is exploited by churning tiles to those enemy heroes afflicted up to several times, hurting themselves up to 3 times.

Now, it is the general consensus here that the best defense is a rainbow defense where the heroes are of 5 different colors/elements. Telly tanks supported by Vela and 3 other res heroes is a poor choice since the attacker has the option to stack blues and reds. If Vela is tanking and supported by 3 red heroes, the same is also a poor choice since the attacker may opt to bring a stack of blue.

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