How much cash should I throw at this game

A third layer of RNG:

  • will I get the ascension mats?

I mind that one the least. Unlike that must have 5*, I know the mats will come eventually.

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4’th… Will I get a good starting board in battle? :slight_smile:

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I don’t know how much you have to spend but it must be a pretty penny. I have 2 accounts and a family so I can’t afford to spend a dime. In the last 6 months my rewards have gone from marginal to zero. No materials. No good heroes. No hotm. No real reason to keep wasting time with it. Log on. Hit titan. Get zero rewards. Repeat. The game has become boring and a waste of time. For us free players anyway.

If you are really spending 200 to $400 a month and you only have four five stars, I’d say it’s time to find a new game because this one clearly hates you.


I dont feel like you have to spend anything to just enjoy the game

It is free to play

And i do have a teammate that’s f2p and we are a top 50 team, he holds up his end quite well without spending a dime and has played bout half as long as i have.

Sure he may not get 6 1 shots in war vs 4300 tp teams but he does score around 200 per war and around 100k per titan which is good enough for us.

Money saves effort and time. But it doesnt rule anyone out necessarily, at least not in team events such as titans and wars. And i know some f2p have even done well in events, but they had to stock and prep a lot longer than pay to play players

It really boils down to what you want from the game. If you just want to have fun and do well with no regrets about money wasted in a game of chance, then yea you shouldnt spend more than the vip package

If you want the best heros, want to be able to hit top 10 in raids anytime you get bored, hit 6 1 shots in wars vs top 100 teams, and hit about 200k or more per 12* titan, and shoot for top 10 or at least top 100 every event, then yea you may need to spend some

But just be an adult about it and dont go over your limit and understand there is a big chance most gems you spend on summons will give you no return you feel is worthwhile. But the times it does give you that hero you’ve been after(example, finally landed panther last guardians after 2 yrs of chasing) it is a pretty awesome feeling.


How much money you wanna spend on this game?

WORST ADVISE: Quit your job and liquidate your assets and and use all your money and credit card to buy all the gems you see in the Gems Shop, preferably the 400 gems one at a time. If you don’t anymore money, commit theft and robbery and sell illegal stuff to support your E&P addiction.

WORSE ADVISE: Extend your credit limit buying those gems and other in-game purchases.

BAD ADVISE: Don’t tell you mom or dad or spouse that you used their credit card purchasing something in the game. Buy something in-game without their consent.

GOOD ADVISE: Spend only on gem special offers, especially when there are ascension materials attached to the sale.

BETTER ADVISE: Spend only on a fixed monthly or weekly budget.

BEST ADVISE: Spend nothing.


I don’t even think that OP has spent that much per month or at least for a long duration.

30x pull cost close to USD100. So OP is basically saying 60-120x pulls per month without much luck. This is not impossible but chances are very slim to do that many pulls without on average 2x 5* per month with that many pulls. I find it hard to believe for those of us who have spent on this game.

So this is a ranting thread which I have done before. My worse was 110x pulls during last Halloween and no Victor or Aegir (before buff) but managed to get Zim when it crossed over to November.

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I’ve never done a rant thread over summons personally. I know it’s a crap shoot goin in. I also dont flip over the blackjack table or take a hammer to a slot machine when i lose at a casino lol


Well too many expectations to win. Pulls are basically lottery tickets.

I only go to the casino when I am with friends and just set aside a budget that I am willing to part with. The only ones I play are blackjack, baccarat, dice and there is a funny game at my local casino. It is like roulette but the prizes are like wheel of fortune (fixed bet amount).

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As someone who allegedly works for Zynga, the correct answer is $43.


based on own experience , need around $200-$300 a month

  • only purchased Epic Offer with *4 mats
  • only did pull in Atlantis to get Mats chests , sometime did few pull in Event as Guardian/KnighAvalon
  • keep all EHT for seasonal summon
  • past 2 months i didnt do summon in atlantis and use 3k gem to reset WE to farm backpack

i stopped spend after played 8 month and now i got 19 *5 maxed , 26 *4 maxed and about 15 unmaxex *5 without any mats left. my advice is dont do pull like there is no tommorow , do it slowly and think this is as marathon not sprint.

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The truth… is all about luck in here, not spending. A friend of mine showed me on Line just last event, a single pull with Panther and got the hotm too. How about that? I never had such a luck, but I’ve seen and heard a lots of such pulls :slight_smile:


Open your wallets and purses really fast and make sure to donate all your funds for digital property that is owned by the company.(Meaning when it shuts down, no more access to the digital content you “rented”) Good luck and they thank you for ALL the monetary donations. I bet the CEO is living the life, in the non-digital world. Have a good day and your welcome. :slight_smile:

Now see that’s wrong.
It clearly is and must be 42 USD, it always is 42.

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I don’t know but I feel that you with all your emotions put in a lot of exaggerated statements.

My rule is simple, the game won’t give what I want easily, I won’t give it my monies easily.
Today’s 10 pull was very satisfactory though so now it has earned a slight benefit of the doubt next time I am thinking of spending money.

If your cash number that you typed is correct… WTF are you doing? Doing the same thing over and over expecting different outcomes…

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And what’s your point?
The money is for entertainment that’s it

When you pay to go see a movie in the theater, you don’t get get to take the movie home with you

When you pay to go to an amusement park, they don’t let you take a rollercoaster home

When you pay for a 3-5 minute lapdance, it’s not the same as paying for a home visit

If you’re wanting to buy merchandise, I’m sure you could make a request and SG might work somethin out for you

But yes, anything you pay for in the game is simply for the entertainment experience. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sounds like you had some bad pulls, maybe spent your milk money on jf, or you just actually thought with every purchase they would send you a “not a winner, try again next time” t-shirt in the mail

Good for a laugh though, hope you stick around as I’m sure we’ll have many chats like this


You have fair points, it is all entertainment. But with every example you gave, it recquire your body to move towards those choosen enertainments. You simply can’t live and spend money at a amusement park all the time even though you don’t actually want to leave, same goes with the rest of your examples.

What makes a phone game different and quite a bit more problematic is that you have 24h access to spend money as you please, and unfortunately there is a growing number of people who will fall into addiction that the game design are perfectly made to cater for.

You might not have a problem with spending, and I hope you dont. But that doesn’t make it fair to try to devalue other peoples experience or potential problems. It could happen to you too eventually, but let’s hope that it dont.

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Zero, please! :slight_smile:

(They’ve already got 20 zeroes…)

Playing from 17.10.2019. Spent about 100 eur so far. Never tried 10 or even 30 summons (and i wish to) What ihave is buildings on lvl 18, team on 3609, done episode 1 and 2 on normal, 9x 4* heroes and 2x HOTM (Onatel, Vela). No other 5*. Even these 2 are not fully ascended as thise items are IMO biggest problem of this game. And yes, to have fast progress is extremely expensive

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