How much cash should I throw at this game

Would someone at Zynga please advise how much more money I should throw at this game before it would stop screwing me??? How long does it take to recover the half billion dollars they forked out to for this??? These are just money hungry extortionists. No randomness or RNG involved, just pure coding and programming to ensure income generation. I raids an enemy’s Colen or Atamos will revive 5 times in a row, I notice reduced mana generation with my team, not to mention poor boards non stop!!! Raid losses are averaging 70%!!! Summonses are as bad, just get crap!!! In a year and half alot of 30 Summonses done and no HOTM?? Have only 4 5* heroes? Been running 3 TC 20’s as well!! Spending between $200 and $400 a month!!!


My suggestion is to stop spending altogether if it’s making you unhappy. Its only a game, for entertainment.


The game is enjoyable yes, spend to try and get some progress but actually get none, thought thats the aim of spending? Seems more to be feeding the ( money ) hungry…

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@princess1, you beat me to it! @■■■, If you stop spending, any good heroes you receive will feel even better when you pull them. Running 3 tc20s, you’re sure to, eventually, hit a lucky streak and get several 5s in relatively short period of time. Might sound like hippy bs to you right now but, if you could manage to get rid of that negativity you seem to be inundated with, and begin to view life in a more positive light-and truly Believe it- good things will start happening for you, I promise. Our thoughts create our reality. It’s a real thing, that’s how life works.


I come at it from both perspectives. I played the first 18 months as totally free to play. I build up a nice deep bench, albeit mainly vanilla heroes.

I started a budget in December simply because I realized I’m enjoying the game and would commit to it.

I really think because I played so long for free, I learned how to practice patience and accept that my luck will be sporadic.

I’ve noticed that the unhappiest players seem to be the ones who are in a hurry and trying to punch above their level. It seems like thry are paying (often too much) to try to overcome those two things.


Exactly. You can’t feel screwed if you only spend a dollar here and there. And you can’t feel disappointed if you didn’t expect anything from the start.

Don’t expect things, and when they’ll come (and they will), you’ll see how fun this game can be.

– A very c2p player


I know that the OP is really just venting, and not asking the question in earnest, but my general advice is to set your monthly budget at 1 hour’s pay or 5-10% of your monthly entertainment budget.


Throw as much cash as you want until you’re on the edge of being resentful/filled with remorse/regret.

You appear to be on the other side of that edge right now. Taking a financial break for a set period may help restore some of the fun/attraction that brought you into the game.


@princess1, I agree with you there too. I’ve been playing for about 1-1/2yrs and I’ve been f2p for most if it, c2p more recently. I started at the bottom, from a 2 star bench to 3s to 4s and now I’ve got 7 5s I use and a bunch either waiting @ 3/70 or waiting to hopefully be traded in at the Hero Academy. It seemed as though I couldn’t get Any 4s forever and was probably 5 months until I had even 1 full team of 4s. Then they came in a flood-it felt as though the game thought I was ready for them and I had plenty of mats to max them. The same thing happened with 5s, and once I had a good vanilla 5star team, I Finally began having a little luck in the Atlantis gate-mostly with gems I had saved from VIP or tokens I got from season 2 levels. Got Posieden there, several good 4s, then Hatter with gems from Wonderland and Lepus with a hero token. For me, that’s enough. In happy. I don’t and never did expect alot of HorMs and have yet to receive one but I don’t really care. I guess I don’t play the game just to collect those kinds of heroes, I’m happy with doing well in events & tournaments, helping my alliance in Wars etc. It’s all about what you’re looking for and what you expect and, though it was a long road to get here, I’m satisfied with where I’m at. If any game ever caused me to get truly aggravated or irate I would have to just stop playing it, myself.


simplest was i can put it, F2P and having fun is great, spending a little and expecting little can get frustrating but fun overall. Spending more than a little, I found the return to be less than expected with aggravating me. So I stopped spending…


For you? Spend nothing.

You have a very high raid loss %. I would try new line ups. For me, I focus on blue or yellow tanks. That’s how my synergy works out to win a large majority of my raids

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WOW, that is some seriously bad luck there. 1-1/2 years and only 4 5*? Running 3 TC20? I honestly would not have thought that possible. I mean yeah, I know theoretically it is but, WOW.

1 hour’s pay is far too much for me to spend. I set my budget at 50% of my monthly alcohol budget…


As I already said at another topic, I also run 3 TC 20. I set all 3 to spawn in the same second. Imo, in that very second, the chance to have a 5* from the server in one of the TC’s is x3. I started to do so in the begining of this year. Over 30 legendaries so far. I stoped sacrificing them when I found out about hero academy. I’m not joking. I pulled out 2 Elkanen at the same time and another one a week later. A lots of Kadilen, Elena, Vivica, Richard and Thorne. Right now I keep some of them in the rooster, but not for leveling. Let’s see what the academy is about. And my advice about spending… Do it for those cheap offers at events and Atlantis. Who knows? Perhaps your luck will change. Mine did. Last year I spent a lot and got very little :slight_smile:

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In my honest opinion. I would develop your TC to level 20 x 2 and wait for your legendary heroes to pop out. For hard earned cash, spend Little and only what you can really afford. Personally, depending where your base is at, I would purchase VIP and then I would just buy the event offer gems for Atlantis etc. You will then appreciate much more any great heroes you are lucky enough to pull
Good luck

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Well not much i can tell …
But i recomend this to everyone…
Just dont spend more than you can… its just a game…

But take a read on this


That would drive me to bancrupt… very bad idea!


I haven’t had a drink in 20 years! :grin:
I spend zbout $25 mainly on specials gems, that about it.
It is saved for AR, and maybe a couple on monthly events.
TC 20 finally running, so far 2 dups 4’s and a 3 dup.
Will see what come out next.
Have fun.

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As much as you’re comfortable losing

This game isnt an investment regardless of how many people wish it was

You will not be paid to play this game without some kind of gimmick outside of the game itself

No matter how much u spend, u will get no return. Ever.

This game is like going to the movies, or the bar, or the casino. It’s strictly entertainment and nothing more.

Best advice i have.


There are 2 layers of rng

  1. Will you get a 5 star

  2. Which 5 star you get

U can go a long time without a 5 star, and when it finally appears, its… Mok arr

Hotm is the most “reliable” 5* u can get imo

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