How much athena lowers the defense of titan

I’m just curious but I do not have it

-41% base with a possible additional -24% (6x4%) for 4 turns.


Is the “4% per hit” adder capped at 24%? That’s not indicated on the card, but it would make sense that there is some cap.

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Yeah, its capped at 6x “applications”.

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that’s what I wanted

Sorry for going necro here but I couldn’t find a way to post a thread. Is Athena’s maximum defense decrease really limited to -65%?

Also, what does “hit” actually constitute? Seems like a dumb question but it isn’t clear on the card. Is a “hit” direct damage or tile damage, or both?

Need help in deciding whether to ascend Athena or Fenrir, only have the Mats for one at the moment, and need help in deciding who to ascend.

Yes, there are other threads around about which prove this (can do it yourself if you wish by casting her special then cascading tiles & tap+hold on the titan to see the total “-x%” defence

Everything. Anything which does >1 damage to the target (includes off-colour tiles & DoT)

Personally I would do Athena.


I have Athena. Her defense down to the target and nearby starts at -41% and caps at -65%. Most useful against red titans and red tanks because of her strong color against them and that she deals extra damage against fire. The only other hero who can do what she does is a 3 star nature hero, costumed Brienne, only that the latter applies to all enemies but does not deal damage. Costumed Brienne is good with Kvasirs around as the minions speed up the defense down cap with just a few turns. Yummy.

If you know that you hit the titan more than 6 times, you can press and hold on the titan and it will show you all the debuffs/buffs on the titan and the percentages.