How much are you currently spending in a month? What are your future spending plans in the game?

Heres a list of reasons why I decided to be ftp one year ago and why I havent played anymore after playing for 2 years. These are not in particular order:

  • money grab development features are the only ones prioritized, 4 months in this year and not even news about gaming experience improvements nor QoL
  • gap between ptw and ftp is getting worse
  • no listening to feedback/player base
  • power creep (
  • ninjas and ninja tower are simply ridiculous, OP heroes and worst designed event ever
  • goblin balloon was a slap in the ftp face
  • even getting already old S2 heroes is way too difficult, no development of TC or other such features in years
  • lack of eht (insanely difficult to get for ftp)
  • lack of old summon coins (Atlantis, Valhalla)
  • surplus of iron in endgame
  • no real rewards of being loyal to daily playing, latest chest addition to pov is a joke
  • no actual chance to get the hero you have always wanted, ofc lots of money would do the job
  • tournaments. Should a player really be able to buy back in? No
  • I have 15 5* S1 heroes laying around. 0 luck in HA10 since the beginning, HA10 is not a solution to anything

Want more - pay more. Those people work for salary and profit for their owners… All that you have listed is the mechanics of this game (the main goal of which is to make a lot of money with a minimum of costs), and not a mistake. Pure gambling
P.S. Even moderator moved your post to “How much are you currently spending in a month?” thread :slight_smile:

I learned my lesson late. It was March 2020 when Telluria was released. A completely unbalanced hero to earn huge piles of money. Some time later the nerv story. Don’t get me wrong, the nerv’s were ok for me - but to release way too OP heros (they knew that from beta feedback) only to grab all the cash is theft. The alarm bells were ringing and i stopped my spending immediately on April last year.

To be honest i buy P.O.V. still - 6 euro per month is too much for this game imo but before April 2020 it was around 60 euro per month. And yes i know that was insane….

It was a lot a month but since drop rates nerfs etc etc it’s no where near the amount i use to spend.
Wasn’t one of the Atlantis benefits for having such high energy cost already supposed to give even more rewards when farming? So why is the farming in S2 blah but the cost the same unless during Atlantis rises. Harley ever get gnome drops or bundles, ever since upgrading hero academy hardly get troop drops, The list of on and on. Which is why most good players and high spenders have left the game. :pleading_face: I think once you get to a certain level in the game farming, drops, loots chest all are decreased I could be wrong but map and log your stuff to see for yourself. This is just why I decrease my spending by over 75%

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