How much are you currently spending in a month? What are your future spending plans in the game?

Stopped spending 2 months ago. I see no point in supporting a game that is focused only on squeezing money from players. Too high prices, too low chances, too bad attitude to their community and work of game designer (game is unbalanced at this moment)


I didn’t buy the Ninja offers and I’m not buying the Atlantis offers. My vip runs out in a day or so and I’m not renewing it.

The awful event hero costumes and upcoming limit breakers may have finally convinced me to stop spending more and more just to try and keep from falling off the treadmill.


Currently spending the princely sum of £0.00.
Lifetime spend on the game of <£20.00.
Future spending: What is ‘spending’? :thinking: :laughing:

for zero I do not need a currency converter, no matter what currency


I stopped spending after the Spingvale “Hamgate” scandal. The devs only care about revenue in the game and could careless about their player based community. I don’t have any plans to ever spend money in this game again… Once we start seeing 5000 TP+ defenses in war (after Limit Breaker is released), there will essentially be nothing “fun” remaining to this game and I will evaluate whether to even continue playing the game.


I would suggest there is a difference.
Whereas I can choose to not spend £0.00 I cannot choose to not spend a currency which I do not have available to me. :laughing:

i’m just doing the vip right now for the second builder. i’m nearing the end of getting all of my buildings upgraded now though so that will be ending soon. i’ll pay for the alliance titan battle items for the mythic when it shows up just to help the alliance.

depending on whats in the PoV chests, i may or may not do the $30 valor pass. i usually do the $10 one for the extra rewards but if the chests actually have worth while loot, i might splurge and get the more expensive pack just for the additional 9k points and therefor, 9 extra chests. i’ve been able to complete the PoV before so its not like i actually need the points to get to the end.

I’m just here for the loot tickets, lol.

And now there’s news of yet another entirely new set of heroes…


My main issue is: you collect the specialty-summon coins, but rarely get a hero that is associated with said specialty. Also, I must point out that no hero is “useless”… You can just save the low ranks til you get a new hero or costume that’s worth upgrading…


Spending for S4 and Ninjas but my rng has been exceptionally bad. Its not much fun when I don’t expect anything from several hundred pulls.

I come on here and tell you all that FTP is the best. Then I can go spend my gems in private.

It gives an edge why not lol :joy:

what are these ninjas I keep hearing about?? LOL …

Spend maybe 100€ on begin. I stop spending now since 2 years after i realize how fake game this is.
My phone seller earn more money by this game then SG when i broke few phones during play this.

Not sure why i still ruining my feelings and open this game every day. Not anymore fun, just sad to play.

Without knowing everything it sounds like you need to take a break from the game. It’s clearly becoming a conduit to unhappiness.

I had the same at the start of March with CoD Warzone…I just sat asking myself why I was doing it. So I uninstalled it and within a week was feeling a lot better about it. I’ve been tempted to install it again a couple of times because I miss the banter with the lads but then I remind myself how annoying it was at the end and I resist.

There’s no perfect game out there and the reasons we mostly play this is because it keeps us busy when we need to fill in those gaps in life. If it’s not having a positive effect then walk away. If you find you aren’t able to then seek some help because there’s a bigger problem you need to get assistance with.

Good luck.


I used to spend 50 euro per month… Now i quit spending… All i have is VIP.
My wife spends 30 euro per month… She usually gets the last day deal on s4.
Bad pulls are making her less and less willing to spend

I already stop spending for long time, thanks the ridiculous raids and tournament pairing, fake random boards and poor summoning odds that all keep reminding me do not spending.


Sorry that you feel that way. I can totally relate and feel similarly. For most of my time playing this game, I was F2P. Then there was a period I was C2P. And there were 2-3 months that I totally splurged. Now back to F2P. Tbh, I think I had more fun in the game back when I was spending $20 or less per month. But that probably also has to do with how the game has progressed.

Currently, I’m at a point where i have 30 5* heroes stuck at 3/70 and 0 tomes. And 0 new heroes I can work on. I haven’t gotten a tome in like 2 months. If you exclude the guaranteed tome from farlhome rare quest, it’s probably closer to 3.5 months.

unbalanced “at the moment”??? I’ve been patiently waiting for some kind of balance for over a year…

With time situation will be only worster

I started spending…too much. A hundred $+ per month.

But the pulls are nonsense. When you finally do get a 5* hero in S4 or special event it is a dupe S1 5* 35 pulls in S4 got Marjana, 45 pulls in Valhalla got Elena, <already have 2 of each>.
Over the last 3 Atlantis’s, I’ve done over 100 pulls and still no 5* from there.

Why should I keep spending money?
I am actually at a point, I have the mats to ascend 4 more 5* heroes, but have no one that is worth it.

I see the end coming or at least the end of spending coming soon.

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