How much are you currently spending in a month? What are your future spending plans in the game?

You’ve absolutely got a problem with your phone, lol…

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Lmao and they shut the thread… typical. Ahh well had a good run with it lol


It’s easier to try and ignore and quite your customers then it is to deal with their issues. So they closed the #hamgate thread without anything then their first response, which caused all of the issues to begin with…

By the way to keep this post on topic, I saved over $100 this month… Looks like I’ll be sticking with those savings and more due to the quality of customer service.


I’m with u 100% mate. Plus its actually nice to not stress on trying to keep up and rage when getting bad pulls every time lol. Like I sed iv got enough to level up got 6 teams over 4300tp. So chill and go will the flow it is.


Absolutely. When I read their reasoning for shutting the thread my thoughts included the interpretation, We don’t want to hear anymore because we aren’t changing what we did. Yes we are kinda reading and we can say what we want but you can’t. Just makes not spending a lot easier when you see it. No one has a divine right to loyal customers, they must be earned and constantly earned thereafter. We are the customer but great companies realize we are their employers and their cashflow comes from us. My loyalty has been smacked and shoved in a box and told eh so what. The friends I have made is what keeps me around.


Since 2018 I have spent close to 1k. Then I tried to get the season 4 5*. After 150 pulls at one time I still had no 5*. So I quit spending. I bought a gaming system and now play for free. My RNG sucks in pulls and on the boards, so not spending means less regrets.

Disappointed that there’s such a huge drive to have members spending more money. Costs seem to keep going up while benefits don’t. I’m seeing several team members leaving, frustrated by the adjustments to heroes and reduced abilities in the wars. Over the several years I’ve been doing this, I gotta say it’s becoming difficult to say I blame them. :unamused:


SG has shown their true colors for me. Used to spend A LOT! Now I’m c2p at best. Maybe if they give more and stop screwing over the community I might change my mind #NoSpendAgain #hamGate #NerfVille #RiggedBoards #mercHate


It’s painful to see the amount of unhappy players in these threads and yet SG still ignore this.

Come on SG sort it out loosing grate player here.


Totally on board with this. Some of your other comment; well we are allowed to not agree totally 100% every time. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

To the topic. I’m down to spending on the ‘The path of Velour’, a totally synthetic, but product, of relative value, to some, since gold tokens went out of fashion as rewards.

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I am similar to this, I see myself spending on emblems more and more now. The first four months have been ridiculous and I think now that i am coming into summer where business picks up i will spend less.

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Lol think this is a new strategy of SG and I’m sure there are a few SG accounts running around pretending there part of the community flagging what they dislike.

I’m sure this will be flagged soon to lol


They will stop ignore players only when then they will not so happy as now with their money rain. So all in players hands.
My spending plan for 2021 with considering of price UP for my country, situation with Vella and Telluria, stagnation in the game and lack of QoLs which players asking for years is vC2P → F2P


Well this is it my friend the true fact is if players stop the spend to fight for whats right wether it’s because of

power creeps,

the mighty nerf to vela telluria,

the on going S1 S2 hero’s needing much buffs to complete,

the rise in cost yet iteams to ascend 5* remains poor ,

Where the QOLs,

new titan rules witch is just stupid unless it benefits the company huge pocket,

the ridiculous % to pull hero’s,

the crazy over load of events,

The poor customer service,


I’m sure I’m missing a few lol but u get the point.

The more we stop spending the more they will hav to think about giving back and start thinking and listening to the community . because in the end of the day we are the reason there so successful if we all get on borad we can take that success away without us and are money there nothing.

If they want respect from players they know what they hav to do to earn it. Fix the above problems


From November 2018 until today i believe i have spend about 3000 Euros, approximately 100 euros per month.Recently i decided to stop purchase many offers i used to,only PoV,the offer with the 100 loot tickets and some diamonds for the diamond offers in shop with the loot tickets and the Titan flasks.the biggest disappointment was a week ago with the “accident” offer in the spinge vale offers


Same as me 100% bud. pov, cheap deals on gems to buy loot tickets. And if the stick a rise on that then I’ll be purely FTP.

They liv there life on % soon the decrease on players spending will be noticed.

Until the release of Valhalla i was really enjoying the game,after that i always feel like a slow car in NASCAR,the game has become enjoyable for those who spend at least 3-4 times more than me.Heroes like Ursena, Poseidon, Atomos who were fearsome then now are like joke compared to Valhalla heroes,ninjas and all the new staff.


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