How much are you currently spending in a month? What are your future spending plans in the game?

Just a survey how have your actual spending pattern changed so far from 2020 (and previous years).

How much are you currently spending in a month this 2021?
  • Have spent a lot more than in 2020
  • Have spent a little more than in 2020
  • Have spent about the same in 2020
  • Have spent a little less than in 2020
  • Have spent a lot less than in 2020

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Just a survey how your spending plans will change with the new features and events in the game this 2021 (and in the future).

How much do you intend to spend in a month with the new features and events in the game this 2021?
  • Will spend a lot more than before
  • Will spend a little more than before
  • Will spend about the same as before
  • Will spend a little less than before
  • Will spend a lot less than before
  • Will not spend at all

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Optional: Share how much you spent (in actual dollars) over the years, and your future spending plans in the game.


I answered that I’m spending a lot less but the reasons are two fold. 1) work slowed down because of the pandemic so I have to watch my money. 2) I have a backload of 5-star heros waiting for ascension items so I have no desire to get more gems/get more heros.


I have hit a 4star Ascension Material wall, and unless a drastic improvement to drop rates from all chests and titan kills improves this situation, I see no need to spend any more money. I have so many 5star heroes to level that at my current pace of poor 4star mat drop rates, it will take me literal not figurative years just to level a select few from each element.

Incredibly poor game structure means SGG/Zynga lose out on my money, and there is no sense in me trying to pull S4 heroes.


I think this is why they did Path of Valor and Goblin Balloon, to try to recoup money that long-term player are no longer spending.


I never pay to get things like summons, ascension materials or emblems. On the other hand I do pay for things like alliance gifts. This means that my paying rate was raised a bit due to the introduction of Mythic Titan alliance gifts.
It won’t continue to grow unless more alliance gifts become available or some cosmetics I find appealing are introduced (The only appealing cosmetics I found so far is my nationality pin, but this one was already bought).


I didn’t spend much in 2020 (only VIP), started to get some of the gem offers (200gems for 1,09€) as well as valentine days offer

So it’s a bit more than in 2020, still I guess I’m at the lower end of spenders ^^

Anyway, I use gems only for summons, and I’m nowhere near the problem of lacking AM materials

For f2p/c2p the 4* am drops are ok I feel, but if you summon a lot (and you will get your 5* then, in the long run), you also need to spend for AMs to get all your 5* to the maximum

That’s just part of the cash game ^^

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Still gonna spend zero same as 2020, unless they fix Hero Academy and find a solution for duplicates.

In that case i will gladly spend again.
But until then… it’s not bad even like this.


VIP, and I’ve done POV depending on the 4* mats and emblems (needing tonics/ rings/ ranger emblems sealed the deal). I no longer but gem packs (since about before morolvia) and will once in a blue moon do the choose yr own ascension.

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I usually spend 5 to 10 bucks a month. Vip and then some 99 cent things when they happen.

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I’m f2p so didn’t spend and not gonna start


I’m C2P. I usually pay for PoV and some event deals. But definitely spending less now. I’m realising that unless I spend a lot more, the rewards in terms of gameplay are not that good. I won’t ever be able to compete against big whales that already have all the ninjas levelled up, plus all the Asgard royalty. It’s not worth it.
Better to accept I’ll always be a peasant in this game. And the way SG is just trapping everyone into spending (gambling really) doesn’t help.


Over 2020 I would say I spent over £1,000.

Since the first details of the new costumes leaked I have not spent a penny and don’t plan to spend again


I started the game in August 2019. I started to spend some money, casual, in November-December 2019. (less than 10 dollars per month).

Early 2020 the spending increased a little bit, around 10 to 15 dollars per month.

From March to November 2020 the spending increased considerably. Those 15 dollars were the less i could spend and some months the amount went to 50 dollars max.

I cant recognize yet what was the breaking point or why i started to play less and less. I think that if i evaluate it it has to do with the way SG is taking. The nerfs, the powercreep, the rush in new content, kind of a feel of unsafety. This of course is something personal, i cant extrapolate it to everyone here. Its only my personal experience in the game. The dissapointment started to drain me the willing to play, and the less i play the less i spend.


I’ve spent way too much but mostly early on. I justified it because aside from work, there was nothing to do in the pandemic. Plus it was fun and I know I’m gambling. I have the funds, too.

Now, outside of a couple instances I only buy alliance gifts and gems that are 50% off. $1 for 200 gems, for example.

I get the frustrations with spending but I just love the game and camaraderie too much to walk away.


I only paid for POV, VIP sometimes, and alliance gifts on 2020 and should be same for this year. I don’t mind to pay more as before but poor hero summoning odds, too diffcuilt to get 4* AMs especially Damascus Blade and Tome of Tactics, and very ridiculous raids game mechanic are always remind me to stop that, Thanks Zynga / SG.



Good round number! Multiple usages, also. Can be used to describe how much I spent in 2018, can be used to describe how much I spent in 2019, in 2020, and also for how much I’m gonna spend in 2021. The greed of the corporate is insatiable, I refuse to feed it. Anyway, my ride’s not 100% free… I’m paying for it by waching those stupid mystic visions three times a day… multiplied by 3/day and then by the1000 days I’ve played, even at 0.001 $ / iteration, I still generated more than enough revenue for the company to pay for the ride. Where are the good old days when you only needed to pay once for a videogame? I pitty those who have fallen into the summoning portal’s trap… Wake up! The game is free (for now, at least) You can enjoy it without selling a kidney…


Paid for 1 november? VIP deal and also got as a Christmas gift the PoV 6 pass and Rudolf’s VIP deal special.

I find such small contributions worthy since they ease my time, cost very little and are a token of my appreciation to the developers of the game for the nice product. Something like “Yeah, I support you, keep up the good work”.

And they are also ways to give my GF decent presents since she enjoys the game as well.

But I never intend to spend more in a game like this since it’s a very bad investment, literally money thrown to the wind. I mean, it’s not like you can sell your 80-level 20-emblemed Gravemaker to anyone to restore money put in him… And even if someone sells their account, probably they won’t make much money out of it. Not even close to what they invested in it to begin with.

Moreover most of the things in the game (unless someone tries for top 100 on a major event or Raid arena) are achievable without any money. Just needs time, patience and some thought.

Also there is the issue with the bad design. I could make tons of gem pulls for cash, wouldn’t hurt me. But then what will I do with these 5* I pull? Keep them almost forever at 2/60, I guess. Or at one time, at 3/70. But never leveling all of them, because the ascension system is badly developed, not allowing it to happen. Moreover almost all of them become obsolete with new ones popping up all of the time.

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I hate it when i win a new Avatar because as soon as you look at it and leave, think, and go back that avatar prize has vanished.

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And that is an issue because I would do it in a second but would have to sacrifice an email address to sell an account. All my emails are my actual name and that will never work.

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From 2018-2020 I probably spent like 200 a month on average. Maybe more during Xma & $pringvale. This year I only pay If there is a 4* mat in the offer. No more gem summoning. Only token summons.

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