How mercenaries work?

Hey guys, can someone please explain me what mercenaries do? I didn’t find a topic to answer my questions. Ok I guess I understand the main idea but how does it really work?
Let’s say that you are a mercenary and you want to help other alliances and in return you get loot. So, you go to an alliance, you make some hits on the titan but will it be possible to hit that hard to take good loot from that? And by changing alliances for titans, does the titan chest open?
What about wars? Don’t you miss war loots from not belong to an alliance?

Someone asked a related question recently, about the benefits of being in an alliance vs. mercing.

Here’s my response (and this thread has info on mercing from others too that might be a helpful start to answer your questions):

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oh, it seems that I missed that. thank you

You’re welcome!

I’m not sure if much of an authoritative guide on mercing exists. One of the challenges is that the benefits of mercing have been consistently reduced over time — you can find plentiful threads on the forum discussing, debating, and lamenting that.

And that of course means older threads are often no longer applicable, particularly the longest ones from 1-2 years ago.

And the few times I’ve seen threads where someone asked for info about mercing recently, there haven’t really been a ton of mercs chiming in about their experiences.

I’m not in any of them, but I know that some merc rooms exist on Line. It’s rare I point someone away from the forum for answers, but you might get more insight chatting with mercs in one of those rooms.

As a total shot in the dark, @Rigs or @PatB might be able to help invite you to one of the Line rooms if you’re interested.

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I read your reply on the topic you suggested and even though it was very informative, I must say I felt a little disappointed. I was thinking it was a good idea to help other alliances and talk with others for the game but I guess it is not as fruitful as I thought. Nevertheless it’s a good idea if I had the chance to talk with a mercenary

I agree, it’d be helpful for you to talk to some mercs. Hopefully my second post above will get someone’s attention to help you out with that, or perhaps a merc or two will jump into this thread.

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I have no proof but was told when I asked about mercing in a Line chat group that you can still get the rare item from rare titans. No one mentioned if there was a limit on number of titans in a short period of time. War chests will no longer be affected as of the new update as long as you don’t participate in another alliances war.

Most people I have talked to that merc on occasion do it solely to help others. They usually don’t even stay to collect loot if the titan isn’t going to be killed in a short amount of time. Some are higher level players who like to visit and chat with other alliances.


I’ve heard inconsistent reports about this recently. But the drop rate on the bonus roll is super low to begin with, so it may not even matter.

That’s true if you’re mercing between Wars and returning to your home alliance. But I think a lot of alliances wouldn’t be thrilled to have a member who’s only present half the time, since it’s a negative impact on killing their own titans.

I think this is the biggest argument for mercing — for the fun and social components. The rewards seem to be more on the enjoyment front than the loot front, from what I’ve heard from mercs in passing.

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I have merc’d before, but choose not to stay for loot. I believe you are there to help an alliance to kill the titan, but some teams will let you stay for loot. It is decreased loot, but i cant remember it decreases. It’s the thrill of jumping in putting up a huge hit and leaving. I hit a titan in my 1st team I was with…left a 74k and jumped. It’s like Pat B! was here. I could hook you up with Line rooms. Line: ghostnamepbj Or join my team and if you have extra flags I can hook you with one of my teammates who has merc’d. Just a thought…


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