How many ways do you see to make a diamond

How many different ways do you see to make a diamond. I counted 8

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I can think of 7 different moves to make a red diamond.


Outside the 7 obvious ones, you can also make one by moving the red tile in column 2 and row 3 down. The cascade will drop the red in column 3 row 1 to row 3 to make a diamond as well.


Which means there are 8.

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Oh my lord. I have really poor pattern recognition (I could wear my glasses i suppose?). All I see is an uncontrollable cascade.

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Technically you’re correct, because moving the red tile at 2,3 down will create a Dragon tile which will then drop to 2,3 and combine with the tile moving from 3,1 to 3,3 to form a Diamond and explode.


If you can all count that well, then count here! :rofl:

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I can make a 9th diamond nearly guaranteed but not with one move but 2 and there is a small chance it doesn’t work…

Moving this red stone

Results in this:

Now it gets interesting what comes after:
If one of the new stones is red I get this:

That would be the lucky diamond

That’s the nearly guaranteed diamond in the second move:

Now the unlucky version without diamond:

The 3 Red stones will move and if the one new stone is green, I will have a green 3 combo after that and if 2 red stones come next it will destroy my red diamond.
Yes you need to get really unlucky, but it’s not a 100% diamond so not sure if it should count…

I think I’ll pass on that one… It’s one thing for me to be a moron but I don’t feel any emergent need to advertise it.

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8 :fire: diamonds from the current board.