How Many Troops to keep?

Lvl 33 been playing since March.

I have saved one each of all 3 of the 3* troops of each color but put most of my feeders to the one with the most attack.

I also have 2 2* of each color but not necessarily of each type, discovered later that I should have more than one 2* troop for events when avoiding the reflecting color.

I have 1 of each 4* of all colors except the blue 4* which has eluded me.

I’ve fed 3-4* to each other without thinking I may want more down the line.

Should I be hanging on to more 3-4* or continue the seemingly endless lvling of what I have?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I would keep all 4* and focus solely on training them. Keep your 3 3* of each color. Keep 3 2* of each color. This is in case you want to triple any given color during events. beyond the 3 3* of each color, it’s fine to feed any additional 3*. If you ended up with more than 5 4* in a color, I’d say it’s fine to feed those as well.


my question is any one troop in each color better than the other? or are they purely just based on what you want defensive/offensively? i guess the best thing to do would be look at what the pros are using, eh?

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For 2* and 3* troops, the primary use is for events, which emphasize low completion times and thus high attack. So I’d say the attack troops are better there. For 4*, I think whether you use mana or crit troops depends on the hero and whether it’s offense or defense.

Situations where I’d prefer to use mana troops:

  • Heroes with very fast or very slow mana (since the mana boost can shave off a tile of charge time at low troop level for them)
  • Heroes with HP-draining moves like Elkanen and Leonidas (since higher attack plus higher healing means better recovery using these moves)
  • For most heroes on defense teams unless it’s a fast defense-heavy tank or you already have a higher-leveled crit troop.
  • When you don’t have the 4* crit troop for that color.

For everything else, I’d focus on crit troops.


Do the troops power decline if you use them on more than one team? I have a 4 star troop and use them on teams 1-4, does it dilute the power doing that?

No it does not affect if you place them in multiple teams

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