How many teem power to clear session one level 22 (4) πŸ™„

How many teem power to clear session one level 22 (4) :roll_eyes:

Team power doesn’t matter. It’s rather the heroes you take.

Since S1 P22-4 has all purple mobs I’d advice you to take 3 yellow heroes and two of a different color (e.g. blue). And bring healing potions and battle items that deal damage. :slight_smile:

I think you should be able to beat it with 4* heroes.
Kiril - Chao - Li Xiu - Sonya - Wu Kong might be a good setup.


Addition to that great explanation i highly recommend to you to take antidotes @Happy121

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I don’t remember exactly but I think I was at about 3400 to 3500 team power completing season 1.

Team of around 3 4* and 2 3* is usually enough to complete season 1. Better if you have healers like Kiril or Rigard. You may need some items.

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I took ages to complete Season 1 largely due to my uselessness at using battle items effectively. Because I didn’t use materials really much at all, I waited until I could take my attacks on the Dark Lord in until I had multiple maxed healers (he is worth something like 25,000 health points or something like that!!). I may have even lead with 3 healers? Rigard, Sabina and Bold Tusk (sounds familiar?) with a Sonya and Caedmon on wings. I did take items (mana pots, small and large; large heal pots and revive scrolls) and used them on 23:10 the first time I failed. Then went healer heavy and it was no drama (2nd was successful).
EDIT: It seems when I did it just before last christmas (November?) I could just put together 3 teams over 3000 pts; the strongest about 3600 pts, so my attack team would have been around 3500 pts???

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My TP was roughly 2700-2800. I had Kiril and Boldtusk as healers as well as Grimm (rest only 3* heroes). All three not maxed (3/60 or lower). I also used Kailani and Gunnar a lot. Their spirit link awesome! In case you have Wilbur, he’s a lot better of course. It was in early 2018 when I did it, so only TC heroes and no costumes :slightly_smiling_face:

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