How many teams do I need?

I use two teams; one for attack with mostly fast mana with a power of 4,450 and one for defense with a power of 4,550. Both teams are rainbow. Should I have a team for raids and what make up would suit? Any help and advice will be appreciated.

I bought slots for each titan team to improve my own QoL. I bought another to put in the heroes in leveling.


I happen to use:

Team 1: offensive raids
Team 2: defense
Team 3: titan
Team 4: farming (3*/4* to keep my interest)
Team 5: adventuring (changes frequently to match level)

I can see an argument for having more specialized teams, adding slots so you could preserve your purple titan team, read titan team, etc. But I don’t want to spend my gems that way so I don’t.

FWIW, the only rainbow teams in this setup are 2 and 4. I get raided by a lot of rainbow teams, so I guess there’s an advantage there I’ve missed, but I find raiding with a rainbow team to be stressful and challenging and only do it for the Path Of Valor challenge: normally I raid with some variation of 3-1-1 or 3-2 or 4-1 or even mono, but can’t remember the last time I raided without at least a triple unless it was to meet the POV requirement. (Boy, that’s a rotten sentence, but it should be clear enough.)

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This what I use

Team 1 : Primary leveling heros
Team 2 : secondary leveling heros
Team 3 : Defense Team
Team 4 : Titan Team
Team 5 : Farm Team (Does not include healer but has minion makers)
Team 6 : Map team (Unfinished season maps. I am playing S5 stages)

The default five team slots provided are enough if you’re willing to juggle usage a bit. Depending on your expenditure it might not be worth purchasing additional team slots. I would personally have these five slots for the following:

  • Leveling up
  • Map
  • Raids
  • Titan
  • Defence

Leveling up: Should be self explanatory. These are the heroes I am currently leveling up. By having these in the first slot I get quick access to them rather than search through the roster.

Map: Main team for story mode. Usually ‘strongest’ team, but will change if circumstances and roster allows for it.

Raids: Main offensive team to raid others. Depending on roster and playstyle this may be a static ‘strongest’ team, or changed to ‘best’ against opponent selection.

Titan: The team selection against whatever the titan the alliance is fighting against at the time.

Defence: The ‘best’ team for raid defence. Of course, this ignores what some call ‘cup dropping’ (using a purposefully weak team).

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My team slots themselves are similar to most here:

  1. Elite Training (1 x 5* hero of each element that I’m currently working on)
  2. Advanced Training (1 x 4* hero of each element that I’m currently working on)
  3. Boot Camp (1 x 3* hero of each element that I’m currently working on)
  4. Map/Quest team (Changes depending on stage/quest I’m doing)
  5. Avengers (Raid team. Composition changes depending on team I’m facing)
  6. Titan Slayers (Titan team. Composition changes depending on Titan I’m facing)
  7. Defenders (Standard defence team)

It’s a set up that has worked for me for years now

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Putting the heros you’re leveling in Team 1 puts them at the top of your roster. Everything after that is just what ever your style is.

How do you work levelling up the different level heroes? Do you feed 1* to the 3*, 2* to the 4*, etc?

These are my teams:

Raid Defense
Raid Attack
Leveling 5*
Leveling 4*
Leveling 3*
Tourney Defense (pre-planning for next tourney)

I feed 1* to 3* and 4*; feed 2* to 5*.

I tend to feed by element rather than rarity up until about 4-50 (5* only). After that it’s only 2* or higher heroes which I will feed, though I will still genreally try to stick to the same element if possible

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I have an attack team a level team and a titan team in each colour and a def team.

My style:
Team 1: one 5* and the rest are 3-4* I need to level first. I don’t feed by element, but rather by XP needed for current level: if bellow 1000, I use all feeders until I get to a level that requires more than 1000 XP, after that I only use 2* and trainers, and the rest of 1* heros I use on the second hero that needs to be leveld up…
Team 2: defense - good place to test newly leveled heroes
Team 3: titan
Team 4-8: a team to use against every tank - by element (some mono, some 4-1)

Raid defense

Farmers Only

Tuscan Raiders

Titan Team

Level/Ascension Team

Keep ascension heroes handy unless you like scrolling thru to find them . Rest is self explanatory. Remember to have fun

I stick to element feeding as well although I only level five heroes at a time. Currently is a mix of three 5and two 4. I refuse to buy extra space so feed as soon as I log in. I do keep 4* dupes and trainers for 5* projects though.

Team 1: raids
Team 2: map/quest
Team 3: titan
Team 4: leveling / defense
Team 5: defense (when need to keep/increase cup)

Thanks to everyone that gave me their advice and tips. It certainly gave me a lot to think about. Cheers.

As I see, the “advantage” is that attacker uses the raid defence team for attack so there is no need to think how to build attack team :wink:

My team setup is:

    1. farming team
    1. raid attack team
    1. “adventure” team
  • 4 - 8. titan teams for each element
    1. raid defence team

Raid defence is last, so I will not change it by accident :wink:

I think I have a team for…

Tiny Defense
Better Defense
One for each colour
And Events :slight_smile: