How many tanks do I need?

I have a maxed Ares and Onatel is well on her way. So, when I read that the current HOTM (Kunchen) is a very good tank…I already have that position covered. I’m seriously wondering whether I want another slow healer on my team. Thoughts?

You only need one tank, since you can have only one def team.

But a huge variety of heroes will help in wars, against titans, during quests and trials, while raiding and for world levels.

One definitely should have tons of money, if one will own all new and every hero.

I’d be happy with any of the 5* healers at this point, maybe not in my pvp defence ,any of them would have a place on my war team. You really only need 1 tank for your normal pvp defence. Fast snipers or support heros would usually be the next to level. If your allaince does coordinated same color tanks for AW , getting a blue tank up to par would also be helpful. Depends where you and your allaince are at in the game. Beginner to intermediate allaince usually go with blue yellow or red tanks. So they can be uniform in wars to make the opponent stack and waste same color heros to take out your tank. In most cases green and dark tanks are most difficult to have allaince wide for this which is why I suggest blue eventually.

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