How many summons are needed to get the troop you need?

I made 200 when I inaugurated the magic troops, 300 the second appearance of the Portal. repeated magic even up to 4 times the same element except the green one. I said I hope the new ones would be very bad luck if I don’t get the quick green one that I need… well today 100 more and all except the green one. I am convinced that there is some algorithm that detects what you are looking for. it doesn’t make it easy for you to spend that’s fraud I’m tired of the obvious scam,600 hundred and not getting only one single element is just incredible

I forget the exact numbers, but at some point I had 30+ 4 star blue troops and one Holy. To this day I only have 3 mana/magic Holy troops, but have plenty for the other elements. I think it’s just bad luck.

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Did 120 when magic troops launched. Secured rainbow set. In the last 10x summon.

Fast forward to September 2022. Tried for Styx troops. 131 ETTs. Secured 1 rainbow set with ETT #117: that pesky yellow Cyclope decided to join me.

I couldn’t get a second yellow Cyclope to form a second rainbow set.

From 131 ETTs: Cyclopes

Blue -2
Green -3
Red -2
Yellow -1
Purple -3

I looked through all 131 summons. This round was pretty much like previous rounds: I tend to receive more Green troops than any other colour.

In terms of quantity received:

  1. Green
  2. Yellow (but not 4*)
  3. Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Red

This troop summon “imbalance” has been noted for a long time. And raised in forum before. Different players have different summon experience. That’s why it’s called RNG.

i have like 6 critical 4 star blue troops and more than 3+ mana/magic/styx in all the other colors. no blue mana troop of any kind. i believe in your algo conspiracy

It’s opposite me… I keep getting Holy troops but few Ice troops. So many 4* yellow troop feeders and it took forever to get my 5th blue troop.

I’ve done 43 ETT summons in the tower summons for Styx and have exactly 0 cyclopes. 5% chance. I’d expect 2 or 3. But 0 is a reasonable outcome… just unlucky.