How many snipers are too many on a 5* team?

I would be very grateful for any advice that other players could offer me in building my first 5 star line up. For me, titans are important but going on the offensive in wars and raids is the most fun. I already have a pretty well-balanced roster of strong 4 stars.

My 5*s are:

Joon, Ranvir
Magni, Athena
Marjana, Elena

I feel like I’ve been pretty lucky on an individual hero level, but as a team, I’m not sure how many snipers would be too many!

My initial thoughts are:

Sartana—Athena—Marjana—Magni—Joon (or Ranvir?)

I wish I had a more versatile and better rated green than Margaret. I was leaning towards Ranvir as a priority over Joon, but everyone sings Joon’s praises and I have a fully levelled Wu. I find Elena to be too squishy for anything and never worry about going up against her in raids.

I only have enough AMs for one hero of each colour. Should I level and ascend the lineup above or wait for other heroes to come along?

Thanks very much in advance. It’s been great reading all the advice that leaders in the community have already given others!


This is a great question.

I think snipers are absolutely key to offensive team quality. They’re best for titans, too. I don’t think they hold up quite so well on defense, though, as other options might… unless they’re truly standout snipers (i.e. Lianna, etc).

What you lay out looks like a defense team, though… so I’m slightly confused. That said, I highly support the thread title: I’d love to hear how many snipers people think might be ‘too many’ on an attacking team.

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If you are aiming for DEF team snipers woth out a buffer or a healer would die as speed as dust in windy day.
If you want that team to stand as ATK then you need to manage your weakest color titan score first. Then ascend what you need.
Your team as you’ve sort up there has x2 blue instead of rainbow!
First 5☆ team better to be a rainbow.
So as you said up there you need it for AW and raids. And also said you can only ascend 1 hero of each color. That said you should go rainbow knowing clearly that is your best shot.
I say Athena over Magni because she is a debuffer and the team will need her.
notice I been long time away from the game and my advice might be not the best choice unless others of forum friends recommend it.


I tend to favour snipers and healers when raiding. Often 3 snipers and 2 healers, or 3 / 1 and a riposter. A lot depends on the colours I’m using as my hero selection is very limited in some colours. If opponent team is tough I may go 2 / 2 and a riposter as well. But I prefer 3.

Wish I had Magni or Athena. No real sniper in my blue lineup.


How many is too many? Six

Fast Snipers are the cornerstone of any raid, I usually use four hitters and one healer, maybe sub in one utility (like Wilbur) for a sniper, depending on what I’m facing

Given you have two amazing blues, a Margaret tank might be interesting with blue flanks? I really don’t know how good she is but at very fast that might slow opposition down enough for all your snipers to win it?


Sadly she can’t dodge tile damage and she does nothing. You can simply charge your crew by throwing tiles at her.

A tile damage dodger would be a great tank… :sunglasses:


Fair enough. I just think those two blue flanks are screaming out for a green tank. But if she’s no good…

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She’s an attacker and not tankey. She has to be played manually to dodge in the right moment. On def she should be flank.

Joon Marja Athena Elena Sartana

could be a cool non healing lineup. 4 fast snipers and Elena will finish.

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@Jedon, want you to know how glad my heart is to see you back giving advice!! Hope to see much more of you!!


Good point, CheTranqui. I did lay it out like a defense team. I guess I’m trying to pick the heroes I can use as broadly as possible. So trying to figure out a reasonably acceptable defense configuration, but without defense being my priority… if that makes sense.

What it boils down to for me right now is where to assign my limited AMs and who I should just park to possibly use much later.

Thanks for the feedback!

its just me , i always take priority for Fast and Sniper as my earlier *5 team , i need them for Offensive as raid , aw , titan. i got 12 maxed *5 which is only 1 healer ariel , 1 buffer tarlak and 10 fast&sniper and i even dont have pure-tank , i put poseidon as my tank in aw.

this month , i got 12 Tabbard to spend , and will do 2 Seshat even i have unleveled Kunchen , its just about how your play style , mine is offensive

I’ve never thought of that approach to developing a roster based on weakest titan scores. Seems a good idea.

And it does make sense to build a rainbow team first, but I frankly would rather pay a little and wait a little for a different green hero than Margaret… I so want to like her, but I’m not sure she’d be useful in a very wide variety of situations. Anchor’s guide also rates her as the worst green legendary and I’m having a hard time ignoring that!

I like your answer :grin:

I was really really hoping for Tarlak during the last Atlantis summon. (I know, so was practically everyone who doesn’t have him). I had visions of my first 5* team being a Tarlak flanked by Magni and Athena, even if he wouldn’t make the ideal tank.

Yeah, too bad she doesn’t dodge tiles!


Thanks Olmor! That would be a good setup. Funny, I hadn’t even thought of using Athena as the centre. I guess I was just trying to get Magni in the picture for at least a little buff (haha).

So you agree with ascending Joon over Ranvir?

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If you don’t have Wu or Tarlak maxed, go for Ranvir. Since you already have several fast snipers, Ranvir will be your best bet.

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