How many Season one stages are there?

How many stages are in season 1 I see only 24

Welcome @meems13! Season 1 only has 23 stages.

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Just to add on to this for some precision of wording, Season 1 has 23 Provinces, which is what a collection of Stages is called.

These are Provinces:

And these are Stages within a Province:


There are 23 Provinces in Season 1, and within those 23 Provinces there are a total of 189 Stages, plus 21 Outposts.

(Credit to @BarryWuzHere for the count on number of Stages)


Thanks that’s what I thought

There is the main stage where all the good 5* acts perform and then two side-stages where the lesser known up and coming 3/4* acts go, mainly during the day.

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Thank you for the help

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