How many reds can a decent defence team have?

I’ve been very successful with paring zimkitha and Natalya but I just got Wilbur he’s probably one of the best heroes for defence !! I think !!
But who do I take out or better can it work with 3 reds ??

I strongly prefer rainbow defenses. Our alliance warlords studied our war results, and rainbow defenses do the best.

If you must use two of a color, make sure that one of them is not the tank.

Three is right out. And I don’t like Wilbur on defense in any case. Too many ways it can go wrong.


Your saying Wilbur better for attack ?
Raids or mission ? War ?
Btw have you read my other post on aegir ??
Great or useless
I kinda trust your advice it’s been spot on til now my sister a new player I’ve helped a lot !!! Copying and pasting your post into alliance chat most people do not get the counting opponents defence to your attack but now they do !!! By now I even remember some heroes stats and know who I can raid with a fair chance I do like a challenge so I tried to keep number close !!! And of course the ones that have more team power and trophies just more satisfying to beat !!! thank you !!!

Wilbur is super good on titans and as a resource on offense. The problem with Wilbur is if the foes can either cleanse (e.g. Rigard) or flip (e.g. Kiril) the -defense. The link then hurts instead of helping you kill everyone.

This is related to my issue with Aegir: without an associated +defense, Aegir’s link can and will be used against him by making him as vulnerable as his weakest flank.

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Ok thanks !!! Only useful for stacking !!!

Wilbur in a red stack or against titans of any color except blue is a very good idea.

I’ve had my top scores in titans with all 5 damaging colour example 5 yellow for purple titan ect and I keep beating my high score as I level up all heroes slowly war by war as I need 6 team’s the weaker ones just get left behind but in times of war u try to increase every team before attacking

Max 2. I use Azlar and Zim temporarily. No more than 2 or the blue stacks will come after you like nobody’s business.

Wilbur is great on offense but not so good on defense.

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