How many Recruits needed

I’m just upgrading to TC20…how many recruits does it take to train tc20


20 characters :slight_smile:

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100 you need a food …

ya, the research is a bear once you finish the upgrade. 7 days to research and I think it was like 1,339,000 food - so start upgrading your food storage if you haven’t gotten there yet!

congrats on getting to level 20 trainer! it’s a grind, but as with most things in this game, it will pay off in the long run. just be patient with it and good luck!

You’ll need to upgrade housing for the 100 recruits, and food storage for the ~1,300,000 research cost. IIRC I needed Food Storages at lvl 12

Thanks all. Yes I’ve upgraded food and houses, the 2 builders are fantastic

Wait …7 days for research…ugh!!!

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Lol, that’s where the 2nd builder REALLY shines!