How many recruits do you have

I’m up to 50,000+ recruits I think I’m done storing more


That’s… Really impressive. I’ve got about 2,000. I keep mine stuffed in my TC20.

Surely you’ve got 4* or 5* heroes to feed all those feeders to. Why let them build up like that?

Bragging right, perhaps?
I’ve had let mine que in tc20. Who knows one might turn into a Sartana or Joon…lol.

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Here’s my TC 11 bank. Its getting ridiculous

Wow! Nice work.

It’s a bit hard to say since I don’t want to open the app and expose my WatchTower to a resource-losing attack, but my best estimate - if I could liquidate all trainings I have completed and in the queue across all four training camps is ~12,000.

Wrong picture sorry all

387 loot tickets got me from level 63.5 to level 65 and 7000 more recruits in tc 11

I have 5 5* at 70 but no dblades but I all ready have 22 80 and 48 4* 70
Oh and I don’t have a tc20 and I have 3 ideal tc’s with over 1,000 feeders each

About same on loot tickets did s2 26-10 and got from 75 and 78% to 76 and 27%

Screenshot_20190629-163642 Screenshot_20190629-163650

About 60k


And I thought I was doing good around 2k…Lol

43,826 myself. Between Atlantis Rising and Advanced House Level 9 - 5 recruits per hour - recruits could become my new Clean cloth - useful but over abundant.

What really impressed me is your 158 million food in Legendary training.

Just hit ‘skip’ and see. Might need to spring for a few extra gems first. :wink:

15,736 recruits and counting.

Just under 30 million food banked.

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