How many pulls for Guinevere?

Hi guys, I’ve been saving gems for the upcoming event pull. For those who already got Guinevere, how many pulls did you do to get her?

Should I consider of investing 140dollars or 280dollars or even more for her?

First of all, bear in mind the odds of getting a 5* hero from summons is at around (estimated) 3%. Second, even if you get a 5, you may not get Guin, so the odds for her, specifically, are really (less than 1%) low.

Second, only spend money if you really can afford it. If this money won’t make a difference in your life, in your accounts, in your food and in your time with your family. It’s a lot of money to spend if you don’t plan, and no amount of pixels are worth it if it’s going to be missing from the things you must do.

That said, if you are still ok with the odds and the money won’t make a difference for you, go ahead and get ready to spend a ton. You may get her in the first pull, you may do 10 times 10x pulls and never see her, so other people’s experiences can’t help you. The odds are not spread out, if 10 people got her at once, it doesn’t mean you will, or that your odds of getting her at once will be lower.

This is the nature of Gacha. If you want to understand a little more, please read here:

I’m not here to say you can’t spend, I’m just here to help you make an informed decision on your spending.

If you still want to go ahead with spending on the banner, I’d suggest setting up a budget, like you did, with $280, or $300, or whatever, buy all the gems at once when the Knights of Avalon banner is on (wait until then, because there’ll probably be a gem offer) and then do the pulls. If you don’t get her after spending all the gems you bought, if you reached your budget, stop pulling and leave with whatever you get. There’s always next time.

Hope it helps. May the odds be on your favor.


I did a 10x pull on the event summons last April - pulled Guinevere and 9 x 3* heroes

I don’t get all the uproar about Guinevere, she’s a fine tank but she not that hard to beat.

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Yeah, I totally understand. Thanks for your concerns. I do have my budget for her. Hopefully I get her or other decent heroes :wink:

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That’s lucky pull! So jelly!

I won’t go into the odds of pulling Gwen as @Almeida has already done an excellent job of this. But, I am concerned when i see the word ‘investment’ used to describe this ultra-low odds roll of the dice. Maybe my motives are a bit selfish as I fear that not pulling Gwen will lead to frantic, angry posts about how Small Giant are thieves and you want your money back. Of course, there is equally the possibility that you undertake all of this with your eyes wide open and will take your lumps if things don’t go your way. But hopefully, neither of these scenarios will come to pass, and the sweet god of fortune will give a nod in your direction. :grinning: Best Luck!!


Thanks! :wink: I hopefully get her within my budget. I’ve pulled many time and I understand how crazy the odds are. Thanks for the concern :wink:

Last time knights came around I got all 3 5’s. I received Guinevere first and used 1 10 pack. Arthur took 3 10 packs to get and Morgan I got on the 8th 10 pack. Within those 8 10 packs I received a 2nd Guin. That’s probably extremely lucky though. I tried with grim forest and did 4 10 packs and got nothing.

Guin in the event is much better than Guin in real life. I rarely use her and Morgan la fey. King Arthur is a beast though. That’s who everyone should be after

I get the desire to shout into the wind, but don’t kid yourself into believing that Guin isn’t the best tank in the game by a WIDE margin.

As Ferris Bueller would say, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”


There is few fresh topics on this forum discussing serious concerns that SG is pretty much ripping people off and suddenly another guy wants to spend 280$ just like that on one hero that should be sold for 1$ max. Guys, if you keep spending such ridiculous money here, SG won’t give a single f… and won’t change a bit of their current business model focused or ripping naive people off… With all due respect but I think you can buy a console for 280$ instead of useless colourful card in this game.


So far I think I’m about 80 or 90 pulls in, collectively, with no luck for Guin. In fact, in those 80 or 90 summons, I’ve received a total of two (2) Avalon heroes—Lance and Merlin. I have nearly 10k gems this time around to spend in the hopes of pulling Guin, Morgan, or Arthur (listed in the order of desirability for me.)

I’ve been told a lot that chasing her this hard is foolish due to how easily she is beat, but as with all defense teams, anything can be defeated; Guin, however, can wreak total havoc unlike any other tank if you get a bad board. She’s not the most widely used tank for no reason.

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Guin does in fact wreck me at times! :laughing:


As she does with me. Anything shy of 5 or 6 starting purple tiles on target opens the door for her to wrap her grubby little hands around the throats of all of my heroes. The only tank that even remotely challenges your board as much as Guin,—to me, anyway—is Gravemaker.

Just like with any tank, if the board is right, they’re easy to beat

If it’s not you’re screwed

I avoid ares much more than guin because ares actually makes you pay instead of just taking damage like guin

You are right, hunting single heroes for a lot of money is reaaally…
Holy ■■■■, why?

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You got a point. I have 3800gems that I saved. I will try to pull her with that gems and I wont spend more after. I should buy a console with the money I was gonna spend for pulling Guinevere as you said. Ive spent a lot and dont wanna really support this game anymore too since everything in this game is too pricy. Fun game tho

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Guin is definately the best tank in the game. Look at the top 100 players at any one time and half of them use a Guin tank.


In terms of chances to get any event 5*, I know people who got one in 4 single pulls, and others who did over 100 pulls without one. I’d recommend that you only spend money of special offers that come with ascension mats you need, and use those gems on event pulls. Don’t waste your money buying gems straight up.


I spent a LOT of gems doing 10-pulls during guardians.

I was HOPING to get Jackal, Falcon, Gregorion, and Panther.

I think the event 4* heroes are a little easier to get than the HotM; I ended up with one Jackal, six Falcons, two Greg’s, and zero Panthers.

I also got a bunch of 4* and a couple 5* heroes from the standard list; now I have more than I can level up any time soon!

…I would like Guin, but I have a yellow 5* tank I lack darts to ascend (Justice)

…I got Lance last time Knights came by. Don’t need another.

…I really want Merlin, and would ascend him quickly, and Arthur (who would be ascended more slowly; I think Alasie gets telescopes first and she is still short two!)

…but at this point, pretty much all the standard 4* heroes I might get are food … which reduces the value of those 10-pulls that probably won’t have the event hero you want considerably.

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