How many portal hero pulls can/do FtP players make in a year?

as a CTP player (I almost always bought POV until the last revision, quite often POG, and very occasional purchases of tokens) in exactly one year of playing, since I started, I have accumulated 21 non-S1 heroes in the roster, 2 heroes from SE, costing 10 each, and 8 heroes from the fated summon, playing on a daily basis, taking advantage of every accumulation opportunity, from mystic visions to every free bonus, in the app or WS… of course, I don’t fall into the category of the thread, but I hope it can be a useful comparison, and certainly a recent one :slightly_smiling_face:


I will start collecting. It should be an easy feature on Museum to show “date added to roster” to get some sense of groupings. From memory, I have acquired 6 5* this year, still have 12 4* and 35 3* to go. I didn’t count the costumes- which adds more distractions.

I don’t war, very seldom RT. Generally avoid challenge events now that Sanctuary has monopolized l. My stream of coins are reduced, but still find myself constantly leveling something. Fated is my most frequent source of 5*.

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