How many points is my team worth?

I tried searching to see if this was already requested… But with so many alliance war topics and conversations within them I couldn’t find it.

With the update previously, the number of points that can be earned from defeating a team is viewable only to those that can attack that team. This is shaping up to be the third war where I’ll not be attacked… And was wondering how hard it would be to show me what my team is worth.

As I continue to level up heroes and consider swaping them around it would just be nice to have a reference point.


Two points to your good question:

  1. I agree it would be good if the defenders could see how many points their own teams offered. This info is available to attackers, so why not defenders?

  2. Each alliance is worth about 2000 points collectively. Those points are distributed in proportion to team strength.


Thank you so much for including this in the update SGG!


Yes - agreed - nice to know!


Dev team is obviously taking our requests into consideration! This is a nice helpful feature they’ve added into AW for us.

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