How Many Points IS Giving Your First Target At Tournament

So Since The Topics Made by moderators r too messy and there are a lot of things that i dont wanna read or discuss about the tournament , i wanted to make a dedicated topic about only the points that your first target is giving ,if possible adding gmt time too …In my opinion this is the only thing that shold be discussed about tournaments.Thanks for understanding , im trying to show up here that targets that has lower power can give more points that higher power targets and thats not fair at all i even added emblems to my 3* this tournament and still my target started with 458 points with a team power of 2338 when my deffence is 2528…

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My defense is 2493 TP and I started at 462 points.
It went like this: 462, 469, 476, 484, 491.
Each enemy team was stronger than the previous one: 2300, 2342, 2443, 2510, 2585.

im trying to show up here that targets that has lower power can give more points that higher power targets

This is already known, i.e. the opponent team points are at first based on their defense TP, but when they start winning/losing, the points are increased/decreased based on their team’s performance.

I believe fully emblemed teams (i.e. 15+ emblems per hero) start by facing very strong opponents whose teams are worth probably 480/490/500 points from the start.

And so, people with fully emblemed teams have the most chances to reach the top of the score board.


Hilarious , even if it’s your point of view .
( But I’m sure others find those threads useful) :bulb:
…I understand you just want to talk about the first target one faces in the raid tournament. (You could have just started with that instead)

I’ll post mine in abit (starting opponent) .I have to charge my device .

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455, 223-lost, 449, 456, 463

yeap im already informed about that , just trying to figure out their point limits per power , as u said u started with a 2300 power and it gave u more points that my target that was 2338…

can u pls tell me your deffence power and your first target power please

456 against 2230 team. Mine was 2250 by that time. I was not attacked yet

that ofc is my view im not saying that their topics are useless just a lil bit messy ,their topics are usefoul ofc , but i dont want to discuss about heros or how is your deffence doing etc , i just wanna focus on this point …if someone want to discuss about other things related to the tournament than can go a discuss at their topics …

as u said u started with a 2300 power and it gave u more points that my target that was 2338

It’s possible that your opponent was already attacked once and lost, or my opponent was attacked once and won - hence the point difference.

It’s also possible that there are slight variations, like a random multiplier when calculating team points. Since most of this game is based on RNG, it seems logical that the points calculation would also be affected by RNG as well.

yeap i belive so too , so this is why i decided to create a dedicated topic about this thread , think that is very important ,cause that will affect even your next gained points too …in the most of the tournaments i win all attacks and in most of em im still more than 500 points down from the top 10 …think thats too much difference , and another thing that i stated was that were even deffences with same power as me that were top 10 too!

And was not my intention to be rude or sound rude , i started like that cause i dont want that my post be merged with their post , they usually merge em…

My defense strength: 2352

My first five attacks: 458 / 465 / 472 / 479 / 486
EDIT: Target defense: 2276 / 2315 / 2396 / 2342 / 2540

please can u post yout target deffence power too

455, my defense is 2346 his defense was 2222.
Like in almost every other tournament, 5 successfully attacks and im 200 points behind the top numbers.

my defense: 2339
oppo defense/points :

Well that doesn’t matter to much.
Top 1 is not getting any other loot than all other players that score top 1%.
So as long as you keep winning (and defence doesn’t even matter that much) and still are in the tournament by the last day, you will very very likely be in the top 1%.
Meaning you will get the best possible rolls for loot.

The beauty of this idea is that you are facing opponents that match your roster and it will be increasing in difficulty to keep winning. But still you are able to go for the top loot.
So don’t just ‘stare at how many points you are behind’ but focus on keeping the win-streak going.


Thanks all folks for your posting , there are a lot of interesting stats in this post …Gratz to all that won first 5…

It matters a lot at least for me personally , 2 tournaments b4 i had a nice deffence power but still my targets started very low , i won all the attacks during all the days and my deffence were A all the days but i still ended up at 300 position …first day the top 1 had about 300 points more than and second day the top 1 was still 300 points more than me …anyway started this thread just so we all be more clear about this points rewarding system …

If you check the defense of the guys in the top, you will notice they have a way higher defense than you, probably meaning they have 5 heroes better than your best 5 (close to 20 emblems), which also mean they are getting harder first encounters than you. Thus, those fights are netting them more points. I would say it makes sense and they deserve it.

I am in your same boat, because I don’t think embleming 3* is worth it. And I can still get to 1% loot, so I think it’s alright.


My defense is 2380.

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